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FusionPro VDP 10.1 Now Available

Dan Korn

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MarcomCentral® is proud to announce version 10.1 of the FusionPro® VDP Suite. This release includes both Mac and Windows releases of FusionPro VDP Creator as well as the Windows-based FusionPro VDP Producer and FusionPro VDP Server.



  • Embossing Feature
  • Enhanced Drop Shadow Support
  • Improved Stroked Text Support
  • Global Text Replacement and Formatting Rules
  • GUI-based Callback rules for Common Functions
  • Support for macOS 10.14 "Mojave"
  • Support for Apple File System on Mojave and High Sierra
  • Support for Adobe Acrobat DC 2019
  • Support for Adobe Indesign CC 2019 (in FusionPro 10.1.11)


Additional information about the FusionPro VDP 10.1 release, feature-set, and addressed issues can be found in the FusionPro VDP 10.1 release notes as well as the FusionPro VDP Software Version History page.


Upgrades and New Licenses

FusionPro VDP customers can download the 10.1 release from the FusionPro VDP Software Download page.


New licenses of FusionPro VDP Creator 10.1 are available for $999 per license. Upgrade and full new versions can be purchased from the FusionPro VDP Store. Users who own versions of FusionPro Desktop 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x, and 9.x may purchase FusionPro VDP Creator 9.x upgrade at the discounted price of $699. Users who own FusionPro VDP version 10.0 can upgrade for no charge. (Please note that once you upgrade your existing license the old license will no longer be active.)


Please note that pricing and upgrade eligibility may change at any time.


FusionPro VDP Producer/Server and MarcomCentral customers who are active on their maintenance are entitled to an upgrade of their FusionPro VDP software. FusionPro VDP Producer/Server customers can obtain their upgrades by contacting the FusionPro VDP Support team while MarcomCentral customers can contact their MarcomCentral Support representative to inquire about the upgrade.


MarcomCentral Support of FusionPro VDP Creator 10.1 Templates

FusionPro VDP 10.1 templates are supported in the MarcomCentral application.

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Our latest release of Fusionpro VDP version 10.1.11 for Microsoft Windows PC and Apple Macintosh OSX supports Acrobat DC 2019 and Indesign CC 2019.


Download the new installer from one of the following locations:


Microsoft Windows



Apple Macintosh OSX



Be sure to properly uninstall the previous version of FP prior to installing the new one.

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