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FusionPro VDP 13.1 Now Available

Dan Korn

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MarcomCentral® is proud to announce version 13.1 of the FusionPro® VDP Suite!

This release is a follow-up to our FusionPro VDP 11 launch, which introduced some major new functionality, as well as a new subscription pricing model.

The FusionPro® VDP product suite includes both Mac and Windows releases of FusionPro VDP Creator, as well as the Windows-based FusionPro VDP Producer and FusionPro VDP Server. With the new subscription model for FusionPro 11, FusionPro VDP Creator will now include FusionPro Expression for no extra charge.

New features and improvements include:

  • Support Adobe InDesign 2024 (Version 19) on both Mac and Windows
  • Converted barcode rules to generate graphics which can be resized with great precision.
  • Added support for ink spread on most 1-demensional barcodes to support printing on porous substrates.
  • Added ability to insert graphics rules inline in text frames.
  • Modified FP Imposer GUI to show more of the side menu at a time and reduce the amount of scrolling needed.
  • Added support for auto updating of rules and other components so that fixes can be distributed without a full install.
  • Added support to accessibility, where PDF files that have accessibility features are properly imported into a PDF output stream, retaining their accessibility tree structure.
  • Added support to begin a new FusionPro template within FP GUI. Create a new blank PDF to build a template on inside FusionPro.
  •  Added option to delete a page from a PDF background using FusionPro GUI.
  • FP Designer record to compose is synchronized to the record being previewed. Record being previewed is synchronized to the record being viewed in the Building Blocks dialog in the rule editor.
  • Added feature to log the location of every graphic found, indicating the folder where the graphic was found.

FusionPro v13.1.2 has the following fixes:

  • Fixed occasional crash on Macintosh when accessing job log via FP Producer Monitor
  • Fixed error of not being able to insert registered trademark and other symbols in Drag and Drop rule editor.
  • Fixed issue where the background of an imposed sheet is sometimes cut off.
  • Fixed issue in FP Imposer where the removal of bleed between rows or columns is incorrect on stacked imposition. (Case FP-407)
  • Fixed issue in FP Imposer GUI where double-clicking on a file does not fully populate the properties in the FP Imposer GUI.
  • Improved handling of fonts with errors so they correctly load.
  • Resolved speed issue with large number of fields (over 300) on Windows.
  • Improved error messages when attempting to register software with a serial number that has already been used the maximum number of times.
  • Resolved case where setting to “treat field values as tagged” was ignored for Secondary Data Sources (case FP-668)
  • Resolved issue where Change Text Case affects special characters not displaying in the variable text (base FP-530)
  • Fixed issue where square box character appeared in Ruby Rule in some fonts
  • Fixed issue where external formatted text resources default to left alignment when loaded into text frame
  • When Tate Chu Yoko is enabled, vertical alignment is disabled.
  • All font files created by FusionPro are now be removed after uninstall
  • Fixed issue where when copyfitting, the magnification level of character width and height is reversed when dealing with vertical text
  • If the bleed when exporting from InDesign is set to 0, sometimes a default bleed value from the print driver is inadvertently applied (Case FP-541) 

FusionPro v13.1.3 has the following fixes:

  • FIxed infinite stack.
  • Fixed crash when accessing Chart Properties on Mac.
  • Allow installation of plug-in for InDesign 2024 point release 19.0.1.
  • Show Auto Updater UI in selected FusionPro language.

FusionPro v13.1.4 has the following fixes:

  • Change page name sometimes crashes
  • Cannot make new rule if language is Italian
  • Improvements to Italian translations of Imposer GUI
  • Black was not appearing in color dictionary on export from InDesign 2023 and 2024
  • Add/Remove Programs GUI had wrong uninstall version listed on Windows 

FusionPro v13.1.8 adds support for Adobe Acrobat Pro 2024 on Windows and Mac.

FusionPro VDP 13.1 has passed testing on Windows 11, Windows Server 2022, macOS 13 (Ventura), and macOS 14 (Sonoma).

More information about new FusionPro features and pricing can be found at:


Look for even more new features in upcoming releases!

Additional information about the FusionPro VDP 13.1 release, feature set, and addressed issues can be found in the FusionPro VDP 13.1.8 release notes as well as the FusionPro VDP Software Version History page.

Upgrades and New Licenses

FusionPro VDP customers can download the version 13.1 release from the FusionPro VDP Software Download page.

Existing FusionPro VDP 11, 12, and 13 subscription customers can upgrade to FusionPro VDP 13.1 for no extra charge, with their existing FP11, FP12, FP13, or FSUB serial number. (If you are not sure whether your serial number is subscription, please contact Support.)

If you are using FusionPro Creator versions older than FusionPro v11, please read our FAQs on information regarding FusionPro v11 and 12.

FusionPro VDP Producer/Server and MarcomPortal customers who are active on their maintenance are entitled to an upgrade of their FusionPro VDP software. FusionPro VDP Producer/Server customers can obtain their upgrades by contacting the FusionPro VDP Support team while MarcomPortal customers can contact their MarcomPortal Support representative to inquire about the upgrade.

Please note that pricing and upgrade eligibility may change at any time.

MarcomPortal Support of FusionPro VDP Creator 13.1 Templates

Templates from FusionPro VDP through version 13.1.4 are currently supported in the MarcomPortal application.

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47 minutes ago, hopkinsprinting said:

Is 13.1 now M1 native or does it still require Rosetta to run?

The 13.1.2 FusionPro app and the Acrobat plug-in on Mac are still Intel executables, and require Rosetta to run on newer Silicon (M1 and M2) chip Macs.

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1 hour ago, hopkinsprinting said:

Will an M1 native version of FusionPro release this year?

This year just started.  There's no official roadmap date for this, but I would say that Yes, I would expect it to be sometime in the next 12 months.

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