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  1. Review attached to see if this helps. I'm not positive but i don't think you can assign a field value in the global because it does not have access to the field data at that moment. Plus you would want the data to come from each record, not just the moment the variable is created. I also used ToLower() in the switch statement. global variable not functioning as expected rev1.pdf
  2. Note, if you have a space character on the line, the line will not be empty and won't suppress.
  3. Maybe this from the Rules Guide will help... M
  4. Curious. When did "FusionPro.templateFileName" become available? I may have missed it in release notes and the documentation.
  5. i'm using 13.0.4. I did not receive an error about the external file like you and it seemed to compose fine. I tried local and our fp producer. Is your JohnstoneLocationList.txt in the same folder as your FusionPro Template? I see there is no pathing in your Locations Rule.
  6. I agree with Thomas. Having some saved defaults would be preferred. Also, retaining the zoom level from "ctrl + scroll wheel to zoom" would be my number one request.
  7. I suggest you contact the support for "...color management systems Alwan or GMG..." as Dan suggested. Only they can tell you why it is not working through their software. If it displays fine in Acrobat, it would tend to be the other software that is having some kind of issue with the pdf.
  8. just a quick look, you could try to remove the extra "\\" at the end of var Var3 = "c:\\PRINT\\CLIENT\\"; change it to... var Var3 = "c:\\PRINT\\CLIENT"; It looks like another "\\" gets added to that variable later. Graphic is not found or is not processed properly: c:\PRINT\CLIENT\\Miller.pdf. Check for file existence and that it is of the proper format. Here is the script pulling the PDF graphics. var Var1 = "PDF"; var Var2 = ".pdf"; var Var3 = "c:\\PRINT\\CLIENT\\"; var Var4 = "Miller.pdf"; temp = ''; var_extension = ''; has_extension = ''; if (Var3 == "") Var3 = Var3; else { if (FusionPro.isMac) Var3 = Var3 + ":"; else Var3 = Var3 + "\\"; }
  9. I did not receive the message on PC (win10,acrobat 2020,fp11.0.9) but did receive it on the mac (10.15.2, acrobat 2020, fp11.0.9 with new installer).
  10. Looks like (per the internet) the EncodingMode should be "C40" for that barcode. See if that helps out.
  11. Dan, this is great news. When you say single record output, does this mean we cannot use producer/server to output chunked files as 1 record per pdf, and retain the tags? Two of our clients have us output their mailing in this manner so they can post them on their website for each of their client's logins. Just checking with you so we will know how to tell them about this new functionality. Each job is about 3,000 records. So one at a time would be a bit prohibitive. But i still like the option, we could always ask for specific people that would need accessibility options and just do those individually.
  12. Under three rules there is formatting telling it to justify... r_formatPhone r_formatFax r_formatCell return "<p br=false quad=JJ>" + formatNumber(Trim(thisNumber)); if you remove 'quad=JJ' then it should center. At least it did for me on fp11... return "<p br=false>" + formatNumber(Trim(thisNumber));
  13. I asked support if any testing was done with the version of Suitcase Fusion I was using and the reply was less than desired. So for anyone who has installed the latest FP, what Font Manager Programs for PC have been working for you with FP11? In our environment with the programs and versions below, FP11 would crash Acrobat when clicking Compose. It just simply closes Acrobat as if we exited the program. After troubleshooting and install/reinstall a few times, we found uninstalling Suitcase Fusion did the trick of getting it to compose. Then we tried installing the latest version of Suitcase Fusion and it was the same result of crashing. Also tried it without PitStop installed with Suitcase Fusion installed. I would like to get a Font Manager that works with FP11 so we can manage the fonts beyond the windows system. Our other test install worked fine without PitStop or a font manager. thanks... Windows 10 Pro, 16GB RAM, 64-bit, i7-8700 at 3.20 GHz Suitcase Fusion Acrobat Pro DC Continuous Release 2019.012.20040 PitStop Pro 17 update 1 Build 853530 btw, i like the newer look-and-feel of the FP tool windows thus far.
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