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Imposition Problems - STILL


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I can't believe this...after HOW MANY YEARS of FusionPro Imposer being on the market and this issue still hasn't been fixed or possibly even addressed? My original posts for this even predates this forum and goes back to the older forum format since I can't find any of my original postings.


What is given by the client ... a 1-up pdf file with bleed and crop marks to be duplicated in FusionPro for the two sides of a table tent.


What is desired ... rotating an image in the imposition and remove the bleed to place the two top edges head to head without any bleed for a chop cut or in my present case the top fold of a table tent.


The problem ... as soon as you rotate any row or column on the imposition AND select the "Discard Space and Bleed" for any direction, the bleed area is removed from the background of the pdf but the bleed of any images or text still appears and over-prints the other images.


I've included the imposition I used and two pdf files. One is the output that I want to have happen happen and the other shows what FusionPro outputs. I've even measured them and it's off by the bleed amount of the image box. FusionPro appears to be able to remove the bleed from the background of the template pdf file, but an image or text box retains it's bleed settings.


Has anyone else figured out a solution.:mad:

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order of operation says that the bottom pieces are overlapping the top? so it honors the gutter closure but doesn't crop the images there?


interesting...maybe do the n-up in inDesign?


what you can do is use a white box to cover the top of the artwork to the crop marks and see if that will solve the issue.

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Well, I think the whole idea of discarding the bleed between two page images on a sheet is that the overlapping areas are going to be the same, where the whole idea of bleed in the first place is that cutters are not as accurate as printers, so you need to leave a bit of wiggle room so that if the cut is off by a millimeter, the finished piece will still appear correctly without a visible edge. So if you're printing, say, two postcards back-to-back, you don't want to see an edge if the cut between them isn't perfect.


Specifically, in your desired output, if the cut doesn't occur exactly where that line between the two pages is, then one of the finished pieces will show a bit of the other's, and will look bad. I think most printers would balk at such a finished sheet output for exactly that reason.


If your mailer had a solid background, say solid blue, instead of the gradient, then it wouldn't matter that one background slightly overlaps the other on the imposed sheet, and it also wouldn't matter if the cut were slightly off, because you won't have a bad-looking edge on one of finished pieces.


Therefore, I submit that, while FusionPro may not generate exactly the output you desire, that output isn't really desirable from a printing perspective anyway. The "discard space and bleed" feature was designed with this kind of printing/finishing logic in mind.

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