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  1. Do you need the actual spaces? If not, you can play with the tracking to "expand" or condense the spacing to mimic the coding........
  2. I see. Just have the presort software leave off the check digit. Or in FP create a rule to take the left 11, but then you'll have to do it to 5, 9 length too so back to leaving off the check digit is your best bet. I haven't had to use the check since the post net days.
  3. I use the alpha characters with USPS IMB font size 14 for compact. I think if you are to use the FP IMB builder, as long as you have one of those fields filled with the 20, 25, 29, or 31 length barcode it should encode it correctly....
  4. You can create several text boxes and suppress them in OnRecordStart rule based on data. You can also create # number of pages and set the page to not be used also. Creating a table is nice too and you should be able to find something on the forum here.
  5. I don't think it's supported for other colors....
  6. Creating a duplicate textbox and layer it right behind the main text box offsetting it slightly will probably be the best option for you.
  7. oh, printing or exporting to your new PDF/Template using Adobe PDF printer or InDesign using those 2 settings as mentioned previously (High Quality Print or Press Quality). Good Luck.
  8. So the High Quality Print or Press Quality worked?
  9. I've had that same error too. It's possible that it's a file size issue. When taking the graphics out of the picture I was able to compose the entire file (mines was around 11,000 records) and heavily artworked too..... The other option is to re-cake the PDF to High Quality Print or Press Quality to make production VDP print files. I haven't gotten anything back from support yet will share when we do....we are still on FusionPro 9.3.36 both Creater and Server. FP error.pdf
  10. sometimes if you use acrobat's native measurement or other editing tools then composed, it can cause acrobat to crash.......don't know if this is the case....just a thought.....
  11. Do you have a sample of your artwork resource and what you're outputting? Sorry I couldn't help initially. But if we can see what you're using it may help.
  12. with my particular example creating a 2 page template..... the first page would call the common static page rule the second page would call the variable back page rule in FPImposer, set document to 2 page per record and your required imposition settings ------------ you would have to have data selection set (proofs) for each back....I'm sure there's a way to script it, but I'm NOT that well verse in that
  13. I've done similar stuff using data to drive the page number to use by creating a graphic rule Pic = CreateResource("//yourPath/yourFileName.pdf", "graphic", true); Pic.pagenumber = Field("yourPageIndicator"); return Pic;
  14. This probably been ask before, but still want to ask..... Are we able to insert a slip sheet at the end of a stack. I only see Beginning of a Stack and Beginning of every # of sheets. Thanks in advance for your comments/suggestions.
  15. I get a "1" for each of the slipsheet. Too bad we can't have the option to insert after every # sheet (or last sheet if the # of sheets are not met)
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