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  1. Yes I am. Thought it was just me. Using FusionPro Producer, but same problem. Crashes ever time on export.
  2. Hi Rob I had the same issue when we switched to producer. Try adding the XDF as a plain text resources and then compose. That should fix the problem
  3. I have an older template that uses a XDF to pull in service center by location. Using just FusionPro Desktop its works great, but now that we are using Producer it not passing along the XDF and I'm not sure how to resolve the problem. There is a On Job Start Rule. XDF = new ExternalDataFileEx("INTOX SERVICE CENTER.txt", ","); if(!XDF.valid) ReportWarning("Warning: The XDF file could not be found/read. Results may be unexpected."); Then my rule for comparing locations has XDF = new ExternalDataFileEx("INTOX SERVICE CENTER.txt", ","); if(!XDF.valid) ReportWarning("Warning: The XDF file could not be found/read. Results may be unexpected."); So what do I need to do to pass along the XDF to producer? Thanks For the help
  4. Thanks for the reply Dan. So any thoughts on how to accomplish this? Thanks
  5. I'm trying to set up a sequential numbering that runs vertically on the back of the piece. I see in the manual that by clicking on the Advanced Text Effects, their is an option at the bottom of the palette to click for vertical text. This option is greyed out. I've tried selecting the text frame or selecting the text it self and creating a new text frame in FusionPro, but the option stays greyed out. I must be missing a set some where. Any ideas. Running Mac OS Catalina 10.15.7, FusionPro 12.1.0 and the latest Indesign and Acrobat. Thanks for looking .
  6. Just a note to say thanks to the powers that be. The new Table GUI Rules are a god send. Very helpful and a great upgrade to FusionPro.
  7. I have a variable product that will be hosted in Marcom. It seems like the perfect job to use the "Multi Select Check box" function in Marcom. I've attached a screen shoot of what I'm trying to achieve. The text box can only hold 5 lines of copy, but the text in red has 8 different options with the "and more" text always showing at the bottom. Since this is a variable that will return more than one line does this need to come into my template data as a multiline or no? As far as programing the template rule, is it as simple as calling out the same instances that are added in marcom for each line of copy. A little lost on this one and I'm still waiting for some documentation from support. Thanks for your help
  8. We just recently upgraded to FusionPro Producer. We have several jobs that use a inline graphic. with a rule such as(return '<graphic file="Mercer_Bullet.pdf"'. Before the upgrade as long as the graphic file is in the same folder as the template these all worked fine. Now when I send the job to producer the inline graphic that is called our for drops out of the output. With using producer now is there an additional step I'm missing? Thank You
  9. You need to use the connect text frame tool to link the 2 text boxes together. So text will flow from one box to the other.
  10. Thanks Dan That never accord to me. My next thought was text measure, but this is much easier. Thanks for the help!!
  11. I've attached screen shot of some variable text I'm having trouble on how to keep both left and right alignment. Looking at the sample there are 3 amounts on the right and 3 amounts on the left. These amounts can be as many as 6-7 characters to just 1-2. The customer wants it to align on both the left and right edges, so the dotted line is what would need to decrease or increase based on the text inserted. Even using a table for this I can see how to make that happen. ThanksScreen Shot 2021-04-30 at 10.01.18 AM.pdf
  12. I have a font message I've never run across and don't know who to fix. It embeddeds fine from Indesign and in there base pdf, but no preview in the variable boxes and the following error message when I compose. PDF Library Create Font Error: font NotoSansSC-Regular: The encoding (CMap) specified by a font is missing. Any thought or ideas? Thank you
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