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Bolding a phone prefix in a rule

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I picked the phone formatting rule in Fusion Pro and altered it a little. I added a phone number prefix ( T +1 (***) ***-***x) I want the T to be bold. So in my rule I have it as <b>T</b> +1 then the rule. But its not working. Validation comes up fine but it just shows the actual text I typed in. I have a screen shot attached.



Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 8.06.23 AM.zip

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when I compose it says:

Font <Gotham Book> bold style is not loaded, using normal style of this font family.


But under Font usage Gotham Book and Gotham Bold are both loaded and both say status ok. And the Gotham Bold font being used elsewhere in the file comes out fine.

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The Gotham family doesn't "allow" bolding or italicizing, you have to call out the specific flavor of the font.


Instead of <b>T</b> try:

<f name=Gotham Bold>T<f name=Gotham Book>


Depending on how your rule is written you might need to write it like the following:

+ '<f name = "Gotham Bold">T</f>' +

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