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Previewing eps Files


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I am using FusionPro 9.3.5 on a windows xp system. I have created a graphics box and added resources which are eps files. At first I created a graphics switch rule pointing my text data to the corresponding eps files, but the preview did not show an image, nor when I composed the file did an image appear. I then created an Import Picture Rule and selected the EPS as the type of graphic with the same no-show result. I have repeated the same experiment but used pdf files for testing and it worked. I need to use the eps file so wanted to understand what is happening.



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Job started 16:08:24 - 1418850504.

Creator: FusionPro VDP Producer (API) 9.3.5

Computer Name: FLT-NPD005

Current working folder: N:\Product Development\Chuck_Brodeur\FusionProTests\Barcode Testing

Temporary files folder: C:\DOCUME~1\cbrodeur\LOCALS~1\Temp\

Template File: N:\Product Development\Chuck_Brodeur\FusionProTests\Barcode Testing\Barcode001font.pdf

Input File: N:\Product Development\Chuck_Brodeur\FusionProTests\Barcode Testing\epsbarcodetest.txt

Composing record #1, input record 1

Composing record #2, input record 2

Composing record #3, input record 3

Job ended 16:08:25 - 1418850505.

Total Job Time: 1s

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If there was a problem with bringing the EPS file into the output, I would expect some kind of message about that in the log file. Since there is no such message, then without seeing the job files, I have to think that the most likely thing is that the job isn't actually calling out the graphics.


What happens if you use PDF graphics instead?

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Try 2 quick things that may help identify if it is the EPS files themselves.


1) Make sure that your data file and your PDF template are together in the same folder. I have noticed this can affect any graphic file type via rule or even the file name being in the data.


2)make sure your EPS files are not on a network (they should actually reside on the harddrive of your machine) and not buried in sub-sub-sub... folders.


If you still get the same result, contact support with an explaination, include the EPS file and an example of your rule.

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