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Max Height For a row


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Is there a way to define the max height for a row in a table? I have some data that has many characters and even if I figure out how to use a copyfit in my table rule, I am not sure it will make the font small enough. So I was wondering if I let it wrap, can I keep the next row from dropping down a space. TIA


To be clear, the table is flowing into existing artwork that has each row one inch high. So if row 1 starts at Y coordinate of 1 and needs to copyfit or wrap, I still need row 2 to start at Y coordinate 2. Also, this is running using an external data source.

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After the table is fully built, is there anyway of determining the finished height (from header-to-footer) of the entire table structure in points?


Unfortunately, there is not. Text Measurement doesn't work on tables.


What is it that you're trying to accomplish? There might be another way to do it.

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The problem is related to the "Widows not working as expected" thread that I started. According to Alex there is a bug in FP when "keep with next paragraph" is flowing from one text linked frame to another. It's been pushed to your Engineers and I have a case number for it.


My current problem arises from having to force-code a rule to break to the next page using a work-around that Alex suggested

'<page destination="TopOfColumn">'

after a variable length table that is being translated from English to Spanish for some letters. I put this rule in front of a paragraph that I need to break to the next page. However when that table grows to a certain length the table itself will flow from one linked textbox to the other. When that tag-rule is then used it is looking for "the next page" which doesn't exist and then rest of the letter is being dropped.


When I am doing this in an English version of the document every item that is being added to the table is ONLY one line long and everything is easy-peasy. By just counting the number of rows in the table as I build it I know how far down the table grows and when to turn on or off different rules to properly "force break" the paragraphs as needed.


The "Spanish"-fly-in-my-ointment is when these items are being translated to Spanish some of the item names are two, three and even four lines long. The table still builds correctly and puts the items in the proper fitting rows...but the row height has now changed so if something fit when it was 10 items in English, the same 10 items in Spanish would wrap completely different.


I've uploaded an example with data that I made up forcing what I'm referring to. The very first item (Reparación de Calefacción...) in the table is actually just a single item that stretches that cell down four lines. Other items can stretch the cell to 2 or 3 lines while others are just one.


The first record shown on pages 1 and 2 flows properly from page 1 to page 2 because the table doesn't fill the first page. The table created from record 2 starts on page 3 and flows over to the linked second page of the document (page 4) and therefore the force top of page rule is now looking for an additional page to flow the remaining paragraph into. That page won't exist.


I can't count on the items for any Spanish version to be one line or even always 2 or 3 lines each time. There is a list of over 200 items that are being variably selected in the data file and of those over 20 of them are more than one line in length for the chart. A Spanish chart could contain all 1-line-items, or any combination of 2- to 3-liners or more.


It's truly in every sense of the word a "variable" length chart!


Once your Engineers fix the bug I found everything should be fine, but I have no idea as to when that might be and I can't go back to my customer ans simply say we can't do that because of the software we use.

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Did engineering ever fix the bug? I'm having the same issue for a beer menu I'm working on. I need the ability to determine a final page count so I don't send blank pages to press.

I'm not sure there's really a bug here per se, nor how it may be manifested in your job, but in FusionPro 10, you can use the OnPagesInserted rule to determine how many total pages were output for the record:


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