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  1. The method requires a record number and column name. Here is the method from the building blocks area: <ExternalDataFileEx>.GetFieldValue(Record, FieldNameOrNumber)
  2. Instead of using 2 columns in the text frame, try adding another table to the frame with that content. The text frame rules would look like this: <tableRule1> <tableRule2>
  3. Does anyone know how to grab the OS timestamp for an input file? We have a library of input files that are regularly updated and need to add the file timestamp to the output pdf. All the research I've done shows how to do this on a browser. I also didn't find any built-in Resource functions that could help with this.
  4. Hello, What are the bare minimum attribute requirements for using the Closeout web service? We are at the very beginning of setting up an order integration into our PrintStream software (EFI application) and are trying to get the flow working. Cheers, Mark
  5. Hello, Not sure if this will work inside DSF, but here is what we do locally to make jpegs: 1) On the compose tab, set the output form to HTML 2) On the output tab, set output type to HTML and specify jpeg dimensions under the options area. Attached are 2 images showing these steps. Hope this helps. composeImages.zip
  6. Hello, We are getting this error in our compose log when using the .fillColorName("") with an empty string: Named color "" not found in color dictionary. Here are the instructions from the building blocks: The name of the frame's fill color, or an empty string for no fill. Can be set in OnRecordStart. Can we ignore this error? Thanks, Mark
  7. Hello, Maybe a rule like this would work: var name= ''; if(firstName.length === 1){ name = firstName + '. ' + lastName; // depending on the data, you might need to strip away any character that's not a letter, and then add the period to the string. } else{ name = firstName; } return name;
  8. Hello, how many rows are they populating on the excel sheet? If they are only required to provide a single data value for each field, you could just use the form fields to gather the data. If that doesn't work, you can use the Variable product type that allows the user to upload a data file, but this will create individual PDFs for each record.
  9. Hello, Does anyone know if it's possible to inject an app on the homepage? I tried bootstrapping my module to a div on the homepage, but was unable too because of the 'masterApp' bound to the html tag. Just wondering if anyone has had success using angularJS in a PTI site. Cheers, Mark
  10. Wow! thanks for all that info. this is really helpful!
  11. Does anyone know if we can add the MarcomCentral output filename to the pdf? We would like to include this info in the bleed area of our output file. I found another post where Dan calls out these objects (http://forums.pti.com/showthread.php?p=20492#poststop): FusionPro.Composition.JobOptions.MCC_OrderNumber FusionPro.Composition.JobOptions.MCC_JobTicketNumber Both of these work wonderfully! I then tried 'FusionPro.Composition.JobOptions.MCC_OutputFile' to see if I would get lucky, but it did not work. I've also been looking for a list of options available for 'FusionPro.Composition.JobOptions'. When I type this out in FP nothing comes up for intellisense, so i'm out of luck there. running: Acrobat Pro v11 FP 10.0.26 Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6
  12. What does your current rule look like? Sounds like an if/else statement could accomplish this for you.
  13. You can set the opacity of the image box to 50% and allow the user to select the CMYK values per Dan's suggestion.
  14. Hello, Does anyone know if it is possible to name the output file for Marcom storefront orders? I know we can use OnNewOutputFile when composing locally, but that setting doesn't hold in Marcom. The files in Marcom are output with a somewhat random name. Ex. 032920181257104138_16131428_29606140_grcnjnzg.pdf
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