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What am I missing in the First Step of "Importing My Data"


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I have a situation where I am NOT able to import the Data Source File into my pdf. I've tried every extension (.xls, .cvs, .txt, .prn, .dif, yet I only am able to see 2 files, and it gives me an error message.

1. What am I messing in the First Step of "Importing My Data":confused:

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Well I followed your instructions and received an error message: "Failed to open file </Volumes/BlueEarthShared?vivian/7079 ESCORT CARD/ESCORT CARD list.txt>.

I continue to have this problem from very simple excel data source, all it has are names, and this is very frustrating.

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I added the " to inclose the message, and the rest of the info is the link to my Data Source File. I need to find a company that is in the Culver City or Downtown Los Angeles area that I can go and sit with them and see how it's done, and ask questions as we go along, and bring my own files. This online webnars are nice, but nothing like be able to work on a real file that I have.
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