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Special Character ® does not Compose on Producer


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Did you copy and paste the trade mark symbol in the template?

You may need to specify the entity for the trade mark symbol using a rule in the template.


If you're doing this in your flat (delimited) input file, you may need to check the "Treat field values as tagged text" box on the Flat File step of the Data Source Wizard.

You can also return the entity directly from a rule, like so:

return "™";

Make sure to check "Treat returned strings as tagged text." You could name the rule "Trademark" and insert it in the Text Editor wherever needed.

Another option is to use either the Character Map utility on Windows or the Character Palette on Mac to locate the trademark symbol and insert it directly into the Text Editor. (Unlike in external files, any text entered into the Variable Text Editor dialog in FusionPro will automatically be converted to the proper encoding when moving your job across platforms.)

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I'm not sure you understand where I'm having the problem. The ® is not in the data file. It is in a Plain Text file (.txt) that gets called into the template from the server. The letter previews correctly in the template, but will not compose in Producer on the server.
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Sorry about that. Please send the files to FusionProSupport@PTI.com, along with a screenshot of the error message you get when trying to upload them here.

Okay, I got the files from Support and was able to upload them just fine. Also, other users have been able to upload files today, as in this post. So I'm not sure why it's not working for you, but I've forwarded your screenshot to our web admin folks.


The problem might be that you're accessing this site as forums.printable.com instead of forums.pti.com. If you switch to the shorter URL, does that work?


Anyway, I've attached the file you sent. It's not a Unicode file. Your main input data file may be Unicode, but the file containing the special character in question is not.


So the way to fix this is to save the 0ACA1243946.txt file as Unicode. I've done that and attached that file here as well.



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That is all that shows up. The first letter in the letter.

Oh, I see. When you said "the whole letter disappears," I thought you meant just the "letter" ®, not the entire contents of the file. It's not just that the registered character is replaced by a "W", it's that you only get that single first character and nothing else at all.


I have to apologize here, because I have led you a bit astray. In the currently released version of FusionPro, only 8-bit text resource files are supported. We're currently working on a new version which will support Unicode resource files, which is why it works for me here. But that doesn't help you out at the moment.


So there's currently no way to use a plain text resource file with Mac Roman encoding in a composition running on Windows.


There are a few things you can do, though:


  • Rework the job to put the text into the main data file, which can be Unicode.
  • Copy the text into a Formatted Text Resource.
  • Save all of your text resource files in Latin-1 (Windows) encoding.

Sorry I can't give you a better answer than that. The lack of support for Unicode text resource files has been a known issue for some time, but we are now actively working on fixing it.

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