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  1. Thanks Dan. I did get it to work with the code ThomasLewis put in here. That was a huge help.
  2. That's what I thought you meant. I will try that. Thanks!
  3. Thomas, Would that go in place of the 00 in the code below? + 'GH_magazine-00'
  4. I've got a rule in a file that looks for a PDF on a server in a folder based on the file name. It's looking for the file based on a field in my data but I'm adding two zeros in the rule because the data field does not contain the zeros. For example, the data field has "9" in it. The file it is looking for has "009" in it. My current rule is this: var issueNumber = 'GH00' + Field("MagIDShort"); var pathName = "X:\\EDITORIAL\\FinalGutsforProofs\\GHM\\"; var FullResourcePath = pathName + issueNumber + "\\" + 'GH_magazine-00' + Field("MagIDShort") + ".pdf"; //change to match your data file field var x = new FusionProResource(FullResourcePath, "graphic", 1); if (!x.exists) ReportError("Graphic not found: " + FullResourcePath); var pdfString = ''; var pages = (x.countPages); for (var pgnbr = 1; pgnbr <= pages; pgnbr++) { x.pagenumber = pgnbr; pdfString += x.value + '<p>\n'; } Print("Result is: " + pdfString); return pdfString; It adds the two zeros in line 4. However, we are coming up on issue 10 so I will only need to add one zero to the rule, but I still have people making files looking for issue 9 and still need the two zeros in the file name. Is there some reg ex that would look for one or two zeros? I'm not good at reg ex so I'm looking for a solution that can be used for either file name, 009 or 010. Thanks in advance.
  5. I am generating QR codes for the front and back pieces of artwork using the Graphic Rule QR Barcode. I created the rule and added the box to the artwork pages. It is appearing on a record where the field that is generating the QR code is blank in the data. Why is the QR code still generating when there is no data in the field? The code from the Rule is below. // Rule converted from XML Template "QR Barcode: qrShortUrl": // Choose the following values: // Begin XML Template selections // var RuleOrFieldToEncode = "qrShortUrl"; // "Data field or rule to encode" (Required): FieldOrRuleList var EncodingMode = "Byte"; // "Encoding mode" (Required): PickList ["Byte" (All characters), "AlphaNumeric" (Alphanumeric only), "Numeric" (Numeric only)] var ErrorCorrectionMode = "Q"; // "Error correction" (Required): PickList ["L" (Low), "M" (Medium), "Q" (Quality), "H" (High)] var PreferredFormat = "0"; // "Format (symbol size)" (Required): PickList ["0" (0 (automatic)), "1" (1 (21x21)), "2" (2 (25x25)), "3" (3 (29x29)), "4" (4 (33x33)), "10" (10 (57x57)), "40" (40 (177x177))] var ProcessTilde = false; // "Process tilde (~) escapes": CheckBox var foreColor = "Black"; // "Barcode color (optional; defaults to Black):": ColorList // End XML Template selections // var DataToEncode = RuleOrField(RuleOrFieldToEncode); return MakeQRBarcodeGraphic(DataToEncode, ProcessTilde, EncodingMode, ErrorCorrectionMode, PreferredFormat, foreColor);
  6. Thanks Dan. I did create a second layout with the first page, an overflow page and then the last page that has the mailing panel. I think I was having some issues reaching the file path on the server too. I'll try this rule and see if that does the trick.
  7. I'm sure this is incredibly simple but I cannot get any rules to work for it on the body pages for some reason. We have a 24 page magazine I will impose into printer spreads in the end with Imposer. The data could have a couple different customers in it mailing to a different 24 page PDF in one data field called "ARTF". I set up my layout as 24 body pages. I need the rule to put page 1 of the PDF in the data on Body Page 1, page 2 of the PDF on Body Page 2 and so on. Body Page 24 has the mailing panel and indicia. Any help is appreciated
  8. Thanks Jon. Once again, I over complicate my rules. That seems to work but it's moving the frame for every image not just one's that contain IC in the file name. I think this will work if I can just narrow the file name issue down in the rule.
  9. Two questions. Is there a way to move image frames based on a data field condition? I've found a few things to try and move them based on x and y coordinates but they just send the image up to the upper left corner instead of the coordinates I specified. Below is my current OnRecordStart rule. I'm trying to move the image frame up about 3/8" based off the file type. Do I just have the syntax wrong even though the rule validates? var myFrame = FindGraphicFrame("FC-AgentPhoto"); if (Field("AgentCoverPic").indexOf("IC")); return ResizeFrame("FC-AgentPhoto", myFrame.x = 29.304, myFrame.y = 501.048);
  10. This is something I have noticed with FusionPro since I've started using it. When inserting Template pages onto a Body page using a rule, the frames on the body page have to be larger than the actual template page size for it to work. For example, I'm trying to place a template page that has a background image onto the body page and the template page is 6x3.75 inches. That is also the size of the background art. The box I have to use to make it fit on the body page has to be at least 4 inches tall and 6 inches wide. It sticks off the body page in the layout because it only wants to align to the bottom of the frame on the body page. No matter what I change the alignment to for the text box, it always stays aligned to the bottom of the frame. This has really never been an issue until now. I'm trying to impose the layouts 2 up on a 23x29.50 inch sheet and the boxes that stick off the body page do not show up on the imposed 2 UP sheet. It's like they were just clipped off the layout when the imposition ran. It would be great if there was an explanation or fix for this because I can't figure out why I need to make the frame on the body page I am inserting a template page into so much larger than the template page size to make it work.
  11. That was my thinking. It finds the page size of the first page and holds that all the way through. I've never tried to insert different sized pages before.
  12. I am trying to insert a PDF between two body pages and the PDF has two different page sizes in it. It's 10 pages long and the first and last page are single pages at 8.375X10.125 inches and the other pages are spreads at 16.75x10.125 inches. When I preview the first spread page in the layout, the spread is crammed into the size of the first page (see attached screen shot). Is it not possible to have different page sizes in a PDF you are inserting? It looks like it uses the size of the first page for the rest of the page insertion. When I remove the single pages, 1 and 10, the spreads display fine. Is there any way around this?
  13. I think that rule I was working in got corrupted somehow. I put your code in a new Rule and it works. No matter what I changed the page number to in the rule I was using, it showed page 23. Seems to be working with the new rule now. Thanks for your help.
  14. Dan, That would be a second rule for the second half of the text. When I validate it, it only gives me page 23 as a result. It doesn`t include the rest of the pages after page 23.
  15. Dan, This worked. I'm taking it one step further and want to figure out a way to split the number of pages in half, no matter how many there are in the text PDF. Above, I knew I had a text document 44 pages and I told it to use the first 22. What can I put in the pages variable if I don't know the total amount of text pages? This is what I have right now and it finds the middle page of the text PDF, 22, but I can't get it to add the rest of the pages after page 22. It will only add that page. I would need it to start on page 23 of the text which I could add a +1 in the pages line. I think it's the page number variable causing the problem in this code though. var pathName = "/Users/macpro1/Desktop/InkJet Layout_2-21-20/"; var FullResourcePath = 'magazine-' + Field("MagIDShort") + ".pdf"; //change to match your data file field var x = new FusionProResource(FullResourcePath, "graphic", 1); if (!x.exists) ReportError("Graphic not found: " + FullResourcePath); var pdfString = ''; var pages = Math.min(x.countPages/2) for (var pgnbr = pages; pgnbr <= pages; pgnbr++); { x.pagenumber = pgnbr; pdfString += x.value + '<p>\n'; } Print("Result is: " + pdfString); return pdfString;
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