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Copy Fit three lines while retaining the "look" of absolute leading


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I have a textbox that contains three lines of type.


At full size, the type is 245 pt (Pluto Bold), with the leading set on Absolute at 210pt... which is a little less leading than Auto-leading would apply, and the way that is required by my customer's designer.


First Name

Last Name



The trouble comes in, when I need to have Copy-fitting applied to the textbox to accomodate long names. When the names are long, the text needs to scale both horizontally and vertically to fit within the textbox... so I use the standard OnCopyFit rule, with adjustments to the Maximum point size changed to 245.

However, this does not seem to override the Absolute leading of 210pt between line, so my three lines of text have way too much space between them.


If I turn on Auto-leading, the result is not what my customer wants... not at the normal type size, nor when copy-fitting is applied.


I need a way to express the leading as a percentage factor of the font size, to use before copy-fitting (when nothing needs to be scaled) and after (when OnCopyFit has been applied), so that proportionally it looks like 245 pt type with 210pt leading at all times. (so at half size it would be 122 pt type with 105 pt leading...as an example)


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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You can do this in FusionPro 8.2. Instead of using absolute leading, you can use auto-leading, but with a different value for the auto-leading factor, which is expressed as the number of lines of spacing. By default, auto-leading is set to one line, or "single spaced," which sets the leading to 120 percent of the point size. But you can set this to a different value. If my math is right, then for your point size of 245, the equivalent to 210 points of leading is 85.7 percent, which is 0.71 lines. So, if you select auto-leading of 0.71 lines, then you should see the leading of the same proportion as your absolute leading, but it will scale when the text is copyfitted.
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TSounds like I will have to upgrade from FusionPro 7.2. I just hope I can get the funds allocated before the customer gives up on me.


Is there no way to do it with 7.2?

You could probably use a variation on the CopyfitLine function. Maybe one of the other JavaScript experts here on the forum could help you out.

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