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Help w front/Back variable


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I have 6 different PDF's with variable on front and back. Each PDF already set for variable. I wanted to know


If there is a way to merge the 6 PDFS (rules, variables, images) as a whole into 1 file have the data file. I have 6 data files now. I would like have only 1 data file but pull both the front and back of which ever PDF is required based on a field in the data.



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First you would need to merge/import all of your pages into one PDF.

From your description, it sounds as if you want certain pages to be turned on or off, based on the value of one of the fields in the data. If that is the case, review the post below which goes over that scenario:




If this is not what you are trying to accomplish, can you clarify?


Hope this helps

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Ok I think I have the pages set correctly, on screen it is doing exactly what I want. However, when I compose, I am getting my rule name fields instead of the data.


Any sugguestions?

Look in the composition log (.msg) file. It will tell you why the rules are failing.

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