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  1. That Worked! I now also understand this particular code. Thanks again!
  2. Thanks Step, I will definetly check this out!!!
  3. So all of the data changes per record for their unique URL or "PURL" for this campaign. Customer would like to do the following: Change this: www.Prepass66.Myprepassbenefits.com to this: www.Prepass66.MyPrePassBenefits.com My attempt to make this happen: return Field("Personalized URLs").replace(/[\Myprepassbenefits\>\/]/g,"MyPrePassBenefits"); Basically, initial cap-case conversion for just part the Myprepassbenefits portion of the data.
  4. Sorry Dan about the confusion. Here is a breakdown: Field Full Namein Data file needs to be capitalized, right now it's initial caps. The rule "Full Name On Card" is the ALL Caps rule that's needed. Whenever the name FREEDOM appears in the CardImage field, I need the font color to change to Full Name On Card. ColorRule should be then applied. So I'm trying to combine Full Name on Card and the CardImage Rules together to get the desired outcome, one rule. Thanks Dan, appreciate the help.
  5. Thanks Dan. I'm trying to put it together now. Code for color: if (Field("CardImage") == "") return ""; else return "CardImage: "+ "<color name = \"White\"> " + Field("CardImage") + "<color name= \"Black\">"; Code to change the Full Name field to ALL CAPS. var Var1 = "Full Name"; var CaseSelection = "allcaps"; if(CaseSelection == "allcaps") return ToUpper(Field(Var1)); if(CaseSelection == "smallcaps") return "<smallcap>" + Field(Var1) + "</smallcap>"; if(CaseSelection == "propercase") return ToTitleCase(Field(Var1)); if(CaseSelection == "lowercase") return ToLower(Field(Var1)); Put it together return '<ColorRule="' + Rule("Full Name On Card") + '">'; I'm close but can't seem to get it to work. I might not be close either...
  6. Thanks Dan! I was trying to figure out how to cleanup the code and this did it! I have another question and it's not topic related here: Would you be able to direct me to a thread that deals with changing font color based on data input as well? Or is there something in the user manual that explains how to do this? Thanks Dan for your help!
  7. Need help in modifying the following code that is high-lighted in red: I'm not sure on how you do multiple data inputs for page switch/callout. if (Field("Master Tier") == "[color=Red]Platinum Y Freedom","Platinum N Platinum[/color]") { FusionPro.Composition.SetBodyPageUsage("2",true); FusionPro.Composition.SetBodyPageUsage("3",true); } else { FusionPro.Composition.SetBodyPageUsage("1",true); FusionPro.Composition.SetBodyPageUsage("3",true); } Thanks!
  8. It appears the previous print shop put the Address, City, State and Zip all in one column. Is there a way to use the "+" feature for concatenating in the QR code? something like this below.... ADR: OptionalFieldOrRule(AddressFieldOrRule) OptionalFieldOrRule(CityFieldOrRule), + OptionalFieldOrRule(StateFieldOrRule), + OptionalFieldOrRule(ZipFieldOrRule), Thanks Dan!
  9. Text field for QR Contact Information code: Full Name, Phone, Email, and Address work but I can't get the City, State, and Zip to populate(QR reader on a Iphone5). I tried to manipulate the code for the following fields: City State Zip var NameFieldOrRule = "Full Name"; var PhoneFieldOrRule = "phone 1 number"; var EmailFieldOrRule = "Email Address"; var CityFieldOrRule = "City"; var AddressFieldOrRule = "Address 1"; var StateFieldOrRule = "State"; var ZipFieldOrRule = "Zip"; var PointSize = ""; // MECARD format // http://www.nttdocomo.co.jp/english/service/imode/make/content/barcode/function/application/addressbook // Also see: http://code.google.com/p/zxing/wiki/BarcodeContents var info = { N: FieldOrRule(NameFieldOrRule), TEL: OptionalFieldOrRule(PhoneFieldOrRule).replace(/\D/g,''), EMAIL: OptionalFieldOrRule(EmailFieldOrRule), CITY: OptionalFieldOrRule(CityFieldOrRule), ADR: OptionalFieldOrRule(AddressFieldOrRule), State: OptionalFieldOrRule(StateFieldOrRule), ZIP: OptionalFieldOrRule(ZipFieldOrRule), } var result = ""; for (var label in info) { if (!info[label]) continue; result += label; if (!label.match(/\:$/)) result += ":"; result += info[label]; result += FusionPro.inValidation ? '\r' : ';'; } if (FusionPro.inValidation) return result; var QR = new QRBarcode; QR.pointSize = Int(PointSize) || 6; return QR.Make("MECARD:" + result + ";"); Am I better off changing the QR Contact (vCard) - Graphic? Just wanted to see what direction to head. Thanks!
  10. Found out under ADVANCED TAB it was searching the OLD path. Updated job number to new path number and fixed it.
  11. New InDesign File, Export to FusionPro(old template), Previews fine in Fusion, RIP for PDF Preview and shows old artwork(last months)??? Not really sure how it would pull from last months artwork?
  12. The marketing designer has dictated how they want the smaller number of characters to break(paragraph) and longer characters to break. I did the "Len" formula in excel and then sorted to see where the breaking(text flow) issue for them is occurring, that they didn't like the text wrapping. Thanks Dan for your help this is very appreciated!
  13. I have text flow issue with short name and long name inputs in the data file. How can I call out a text resource based on character length? Also, how could I call out a "page" based on character length also(just in-case)? The character length is 7 characters, for the breaking point. Thanks!
  14. I would look into Direct/Producer for RIPPING the .ps files. Having Producer will save you A LOT of time and should pay for itself if you have the volume.
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