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replace font of ampersand in email


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I found a rule in the forum to replace the font of "@" in emails


return ReplaceSubstring(Field("Email"),'@', '<span font="Arial" pointsize=6.25>@</span>');


it works fine, but when I replaced the Arial with Verdana, the @ is correct in the Fusion Pro Preview Template, but when I upload the template in Storefront, it always produces the @ as Helvetica Bold!!??!!


Verdana is basic PC font, why wont' it work. I deleted all the .ufk fonts in Fusion Pro fonts folder, and have enabled Asian character support in advanced settings



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I'm moving this thread to the MarcomCentral forum.


You probably need to make sure the font you want to use is collected with your job so that it's available when you're composing the job on the remote FP Server machine (on MarcomCental in this case). The best way to do this is to create a Formatted Text resource, type in any random text, and set it in the font you want. (The text doesn't matter because you're not using the resource in your output; you're just letting FusionPro know it should collect up that font. It doesn't know to collect fonts referenced only in JavaScript rules, and there are no "basic" PC fonts.) Then you can re-collect the job and re-upload your Assets.dat file to MarcomCentral.

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