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I am new to the site and new to FusionPro... the site has been great

and very informative I am trying to do a IMB, I have read everything that I can find on it but it still makes no since to me... I can make everything

work but that, the files I get are created here with Mail Manager 2010

then saved as a tab delimited txt file if it is done as postnet then I have

no problem but IMB is a whole different story... I know I have to do

a rule but have no clue to what goes into it to make it work,

if I use OneCode not sure what I have to put in or where, or if I do a empty

what do I have to put in for code to get it to work, I am not really sure if

I am even getting what I need from the person using Mail Manager 2010...


Sorry for being such a noob... but I am a prepress guy trying to learn

mailing, so any and all information would be much appreciated...


Or a java code of how and should look, or pictures :D

like I said I am a total noobie at this IMB stuff...


Thank you very much for any and all comments...



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IMB won't be mandated till next year and until then you can use the postnet font.


The steps to achieve a IMB from Mail Manager should be listed at their site or I would give them a call. I would check with Mail Manager also to find out what type of service they offer, if any, to track the mailing right now. A company like https://trackmymail.com/4st/loginCons.aspx? can track your mailing for you. To be able to track your mail properly and receive the discounts, you need to do at least 3.5 million pieces of mail a year just to make it worth your while. Even then shops are not seeing the added benefit of being a FULL SERVICE IM.


It is good that you are researching now how to achieve the IM font and even being able to track the mail. I would imagine some of your customers will demand that they be able to track their mailings and by then you'll have it ready to go.

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Hi Mike,


We also use mm2010 to export the data to tab delimited. We output the IMB data as characters then use the USPS4CB font supplied through the RIBBS website for it. We change the font size to 14pts, 2% tracking, exactly 10pt leading, and 3pts above for when we place the barcode directly below the address block. When we put it above, we set it to 16pt with 4pts below. We had all of our output divices tested with the USPS to ensure our printed IMB complied. I would recommend doing the same. Hopefully this gets you in the right direction.

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USPS Method:

Register with USPS to obtain a user name and pass code so you can download the font. It takes about 2 days to get from them.

Go to http://ribbs.usps.gov/onecodesolution/ and logged in.

Proceeded to download file name : uspsFontsNonAFP-1.3.0-compact.zip

Unzipped then copied it to your Library>Fonts folder(MAC) or WIndows Font folder on your PC.

Opened Acrobat.

Under Fusion Pro tab selected Advance>Load Fonts.

Quit Fusion Pro and Acrobat.

Opened my PDF with the variable data in and inserted the field then

changed the font to USPSIMBCOMPACT or the PC equivalent.

Select font size to 16pt. Previewed it to ensure it will print correctly.

Hope that helps!

When creating the IMB, and your mailing software generates " F, A, D, and T" characters .

Use the USPS4CB font (from the USPS), set the size to 16 pt and you're done. No rules required or create in FusionPro..

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