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Imposition Question - mixed sizes


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I have a product on my store that is 5 pages total, 2 of them are 11x17 and the others are 8.5 x 11. Because of the mixed sizes I have to run them as legacy impositions (none) in order for the pdf files to come to us correctly. This lends itself to a new problem.

In MarcomCentral, how do I get the job to travel to shipping if I can't impose it?

Is anybody else running into this? Does anyone have a fix? or is the "work-around" just using an imposition that doesn't work and pulling the non-imposed file for production.

This shouldn't be that hard...

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You do not have to use a Legacy Impo. Create a "dummy" imposition in FPI, then assign it like normal. The imposition layout is not important because you are not planing to use it due to the varying page sizes (which the impostion can't handle).


After an order is placed, create the job ticket. We provide both the one-up version of the item and the default imposition. Of course the default will not be used. You take the one-up version out of the DB and impose it how you would with out the DB.


Hope this helps

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