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Imported Variable Frames outside of pages


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Calendar job. I did the Design work in InDesign (CS4). Design was approved. I used the FP (Mac, v6.0x) Plugin to mark my variable (graphic) frames. Exported etc. Customer reviewed and had a Design change. I go back to InDesign, make the Design change, and export a new PDF using the Plugin. I go into the new PDF, import the data source from the previous PDF, and then delete all the Variable Frames. I try to import the layout from the previous PDF, and I get an error.


One or more variable frames in the imported document fall outside of the pages in the current document. They are not imported.
It is a 26 pages PDF, and only imported the Variable Frames onto the last page.


Why would this be? Is there a better way for me to do this without having to rename all my Frames and assign the Graphic Rules? All Data and Variable set-up is the same as the previous, the only thing that changed is some static type on one page.



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How 'bout something like, "When overwriting a file, FusionPro Variable Frames will not be exported from InDesign but will be imported from the overwritten file."?


I'm trying to figure out why you would click "replace" when overwriting the FusionPro .pdf when the art opens-up in Acrobat.


Out of InDesign>

Are you sure you want to update your existing FusionPro artwork only?

Yes or No


When opening in Acrobat>

Do you want to delete existing variable FRAMES and RULES?

Yes or No


If variable frames aren't going to get exported out of InDesign, what does Replace serve as is when opened in Acrobat?



Sorry for bringing this up again, maybe someone will chime-in to let me why it's important to have these messages setup the way they are?



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