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Inserting Pictures

Jeffrey Elam

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I am attempting to create student ID badges. They would be business card size with the students picture on it. First is possible to switch about 120 pictures based on the childs name. If so, how? I have created a resource which contain the photos and using the graphic switch rule wizard but only one picture shows up for all the students. There are about 120 records. Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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Please ensure that all the pictures are in the template job folder of your hard drive.

Then create a graphic Rule like so:


return CreateResource(Field("Pictures"));


//change field name to match your data file


In the graphic palette where this information will appear, specify this rule from the graphic frame properties window.

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data file needs to have a column with the names in it.



Column header called (version)




If there are two students with the same name, make sure the pic is named different. Probably add a "_1" at the end of the file name, before the extension.

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