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PDF Elements Disappearing After Composition

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I'm currently trying to compose a PDF in the FusionPro Acrobat plugin. I have a double sided 3.8 x 8 inch mail card. I need to make a imposition definition for 4-up records at 100% scale on 11 x 17 inch paper. The PDF I'm using has pre designed elements on it like an address, mail insignia, etc. When I compose it all disappears and all thats left is the FusionPro Elements. How do I get the pre-designed elements to display as well?  

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Have you tried flattening the static artwork, then reconfigure the FusionPro Variable frames to see if it helps?  I suspect an issue with the static artwork.
It is also possible that you may have specified the option in the FusionPro Composition Settings menu, "Graphics" tab to "Suppress Static Background"

Check to see if this is the issue.

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I don't know if the OP ever resolved this issue, but I was running into the same thing. After much forum searching, I found the problem was with some metadata buried within the PDF. We solved it by opening the base PDF in Acrobat, do a Save As Other... Optimized. In the following various window panes, turn off everything except Discard User Data -> Discard all object data. Voila.

Good luck.

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