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Cannot Preview Document???


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Hi All,

I haven't posted here much if at all before, but don't have anywhere else to go for assistance in determining this issue...

Lately we have been getting errors when trying to Preview in FPDesktop. I've not yet been able to determine a 'common' element between the files that are failing but will include as much info as I've been able to gather.


I just looked at 2 jobs that threw this error both only had variable elements in the mailing panel, both are postcards.


The first error I get as soon as the Preview box is checked is:

'Cannot Preview the Document at this magification level. Preview is being turned off.'

The document is at 100% zoom, so I'm not sure what's meant by 'magnification'.


Anyway...after clicking OK for that error I then get an Adobe Acrobat error that says:

'Could not generate output file C:\DOCUM~1\DBENFIELD\LOCALS~1\TEMP\142382400_1.pdf'

Composition stopped with Errors

Error #1112



What's weird is...the Adobe Acrobat error is the same path and filename no matter what job i try to preview. Even the 142382400_1 is the same even if they are completely different jobs.


Does anyone have a clue as to what may be the problem?

It's difficult to do a mailing without being able to verify the position of the barcode on screen as the FP small preview box only shows the digits and not the barcode.


Thanks in advance for any help!!!!


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Hi FreightTrain,


We're running FPD 5.1 and Acrobat Pro 8. I also submitted this issue to Printable Tech Support and got a reply almost immediately, but it did not fix the problem. The Support Rep suggested that I change the Graphic tab settings to low res on preview (full res on output) and to change the path of the Output to a different folder. So, I'm kinda back to square one. :(

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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Ah man...what a PITA...

If I do an uninstall/reinstall, will that wipe out preferences, etc or will I have an option to leave those?


Yeah, I hear ya.

Preferences would probably be wiped. Do you have an IT guy/gal on staff? I would also look to make sure your Profile isn't corrupt as well. When I had problems with files(programs not running correctly) wiping my profile and creating a new one helped.


If this doesn't work, I would then look at support for an answer.

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