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Installation Failure


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I've made the following installation...

1) On a Windows XP SP2 machine...

2) Installed Adobe CS3

3) Installed Adobe CS4 Upgrade

4) Installed FusionPro Desktop v6.01f


Now whenever I try to launch Acrobat it failes with the following error message...


Adobe Acrobat 9.1 has encounted a problem and needs to close. We're sorry ....


I cannot get Acrobat to launch at all. Before I try reinstalling everything, does anyone have a more pointed fix?


Thanks! cdm

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Well, installation issues should normally be handled by Support.


However, there are a couple of things I would try before reinstalling everything. First, I would try temporarily removing the FusionPro plug-in from Acrobat's plug-ins folder ("C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 9.0\Acrobat\plug_ins\Printable" by default), and then starting Acrobat again. If it still crashes, then the issue is not related to FusionPro, and you'll have to contact Adobe Support. If it doesn't crash, then try reinstalling just FusionPro, and if the problem persists after that, contact Printable Support.


Also, is there a reason you're not on XP SP3?

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Oops...I am XP SP3 (my signature was wrong), also, I cannot load Acrobat so I cannot update it via the help menu.


Finally, I removed the Printable plugin folder and tried to relaunch Acrobat to no avail. Since it was fine before I tried installing FP, I'm assuming that it is still a FP problem. I'll try uninstalling everything and then try to load FP 6.01f onto CS3...then upgrade CS3 to CS4.


THanks for the responses! cdm

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