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Acrobat keeps crashing

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Saving big-files, the program crashes periodically. I'm also getting an error message just closing Acrobat.


I've attached the error message. This message just pops-up when I close Acrobat only.


Besides contacting support at Adobe, has anyone else dealt with error messages and crashes? Just checking.



Dell Optiplex 330

Intel® Core2 Duo CPU

E4400 @ 2.00GHZ

1.20GHz, 2.00 GB of RAM


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Are you composing to PDF? If so, what is the size of the Output pdf generated? How many records?

It may be an issue whereby the size of the output pdf generated is using up all resources on your system. Check your hard disk to ensure sufficient resources are available.


Also is this file being RIPped? What type of RIP?

Depending on the physical size of the PDF in MB, as well as it resources, PDF is the slowest output format to compose and RIP.

This is due to the fact that, as an example, 5000 records will be generating 5000 pages when composed to PDF.

This will result in a bloated PDF which may choke on the RIP.


Recommended Output Formats for RIPs

Here are 5 possible RIPs w/ output formats:


Xerox DocuSP RIP -> VIPP or PPML


Creo Spire RIP -> VPS or PPML

HP Indigo -> HP PPML or JLYT

Xeikon - PPML


These output formats are postscript based, which will compose and RIP quicker than PDF format.


One thing to keep in mind is that any hi-res, transparency or layers in the artwork need to be flattened prior to building the pdf.


The reason is there is no way to translate these effects in the postcript language, and if not adhered to, will result in downsampling and rasterization of the images in the file.



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Sounds like you have 2 issues with crashes - when saving big files and when closing Acrobat.


When you say "saving big files", are you referring to doing a File->Save operation in Acrobat to save your PDF template or rather do you mean composing large output files with FusionPro Desktop?


I recommend making sure you have the latest patch release of your Acrobat software. An Acrobat 9 patch was just released which is Acro 9.1.1.


If you are getting crashes still with the latest patch release, you can try a re-install of Acrobat (I recommend uninstalling FusionPro first, though).


After that, Adobe support would be the next option I can think of.

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Thanks guys for your suggestions.


The crash is happening during the "file save as" with large files, this is periodically but enough to be annoying. I had a FP document in the background open but I was saving another "static" .pdf that was around 60mb.


The error message happens when I just close acrobat. No file is open, just closing Acrobat. This happens more frequently.


Also, I'm on CS3, 8.X version. Can I upgrade to 9.X from CS3 Professional?


I really think its my CP or lack of CP power and the amount of memory/processing that Acrobat requires.:eek:


Thanks Again,


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