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Creating new imposed output files based on field data


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We recently added an inline cutter to our iX3200 and want to split the output based on mailing trays. I know that this is possible under normal output but can we still accomplish this using imposition as well?


I've had success creating new stacks every time the tray number changes but I can't seem to get it to work to create a new output file.

Here's my code to create the stacks.

   var SelectedField = "SCKNDPCKNM"; 
   var trayNum = (Left(Field("SCKNDPCKNM"), 3))

   if (FieldChanged(Left(Field("SCKNDPCKNM"), 3)))

Is there a way to generate a new file every time there is a new stack?

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Sure, instead of calling FusionPro.Composition.StartNewStack(), call FusionPro.Composition.OpenNewOutputFile(), optionally with a file name. You may also need to set FusionPro.Composition.chunksBreakStacks = true in OnJobStart so that the new output file (chunk) is created right away, breaking the current stack, rather than being deferred until the next stack break.
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Thanks Dan,


I had tried that before but couldn't get it to work. I realized that I had the code wrong.

I was trying to split my field SCKNDPCKNM so that it was only seeing the Tray # as the field contains both the Tray and Pack #'s.

Once I split those in my data file it worked great.


if (FieldChanged("TRAYNUM"))

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