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  1. Thanks Jon, But that won't that just define the data source? I won't necessarily combine the sources together, right?
  2. Thanks Thomas, I'll try that and see if it works. Dan: I should have mentioned that the colors are being changed by our designers. They often don't know what their color needs will be so they just want the ability to change it. They could need to match a customer's color on one project but on another it could need to be white.
  3. Our design department occasionally needs to create QR codes for certain print and web customers. They want an easier way to generate a vector QR code than using some website like QR Monkey. I've tried doing it in FP but I run into issues where I can't fill the text frame consistently and almost need to change my font size for each code. When generating the codes, some will create larger barcodes based on the information in the link. I tried using copyfit and while I can get it to enlarge some of them, it doesn't do anything to shrink the font. Is this because copyfit is reading the font size in the text box and not the rule? I feel that the graphic rule really works best but unfortunately I need vector files so that our designers can change the colors if need be. Is there any way to get this to work better or should I find another solution?
  4. Thanks Dan. That's what I needed. I have a couple of .xml templates that I've customized and 1 rule I add to the RuleTemplate.js. Just couldn't find the files.
  5. I recently upgraded to a new M1 iMac running Ventura and I cannot find the JS and XML files to add my own functions like I had in the past. Did the path change?
  6. Thanks Dan, I had tried that before but couldn't get it to work. I realized that I had the code wrong. I was trying to split my field SCKNDPCKNM so that it was only seeing the Tray # as the field contains both the Tray and Pack #'s. Once I split those in my data file it worked great. if (FieldChanged("TRAYNUM")) FusionPro.Composition.OpenNewOutputFile(Field("TRAYNUM")+".pdf");
  7. We recently added an inline cutter to our iX3200 and want to split the output based on mailing trays. I know that this is possible under normal output but can we still accomplish this using imposition as well? I've had success creating new stacks every time the tray number changes but I can't seem to get it to work to create a new output file. Here's my code to create the stacks. var SelectedField = "SCKNDPCKNM"; var trayNum = (Left(Field("SCKNDPCKNM"), 3)) if (FieldChanged(Left(Field("SCKNDPCKNM"), 3))) FusionPro.Composition.StartNewStack(); } Is there a way to generate a new file every time there is a new stack?
  8. I realized the issue with the quotes and fixed that but the other things you mentioned might have still been causing it not to work. After fixing those, it now does not give me an error, but it also doesn't give me the returned function. It will only display "Presets.LBLMUM ()" and tells me that it does not return a value. Am I just not using this functionality correctly? I just want an easy way to repeat code that I use a lot.
  9. I've read in the user guide that I can supposedly add a .js file to the Plugins folder so that I can have my most common functions easily available. However, I've never been able to get it to work. I write the file just as the guide says, but it seems to have an issue with Line 1. Here is what I'm trying to use. Whenever I pull up the building blocks, it tells me "line 1: SyntaxError: illegal character:" Presets = new Object; Presets.LBLNUM = function (str) { return Int(Field(\“LBLNMBR\”)); } Presets.LBLNUM.description = “Remove Leading Zeroes from Label Number” Presets.LBLNUM.syntax = "LBLNUM(<string>)"; I've found in other places that sometimes the user guides have typos or are missing something in order to get the code to work correctly. Is that the case here or does this function just not work?
  10. I don't come across this often but I've had a few jobs lately where the customer supplies us with an excel data file that contains multiple "sheets". Is there a way for FP to process all of the sheets at the same time? Right now, I'm pulling up each sheet, outputting the file, then switching the data source. Just wanted to know if there was a less time consuming way to handle this. If that is possible, then is there a way to output the files based on the "sheets"? For example, I'm currently working on some name badges. I have 3 different lots of badges so I'll need to have 3 different pdf files. Can I program a rule for OnNewOutputFile that will split the file based on the "sheet" in the data file?
  11. I have a document that has a limited amount of space and one of the fields is an email address. I can do a copyfit, but in order to keep everything on one line, the font has to go from 9pt down to 5 on some records. (The client's domain name is stupidly long). Is there a way to splt the email at the "@" so that when it's longer that 32 characters, it drops the "@unecessarilylongdomain.com" down to a second line? Every record has the same domain name so is there a way to trim the right 25 characters? This way jonathan.doe@unecessarilylongdomain.com would become jonathan.doe @unecessarilylongdomain.com
  12. Ok thanks. I do have other files where I've done it the old way so I guess I'll go back to that for now.
  13. I'm working on a job with a PDF element in the background. When I compose the job without imposition turned on, everything is fine. If I turn imposition on, it get "No value associated to graphic copyhole. <PDF> in record 1, etc...". Does anyone have an idea as to why this is happening? We do a fair amount of jobs like this where it's better to have a "template" file where I can just copy in the background PDF and I'm not setting up a new file every time. Hopefully this error is just something I'm doing wrong on my part and not an issue with FP. YC_Response Card_fpsetup.zip
  14. I'm currently working on contestant pages for a book that will have 2 contestants per page and there are left and right layouts. I know it would be better to have 4 body pages and impose each 2up, but design set up the files already as 2 up. I've attached a sample to show what I mean. Is there a way to have the records flow so that record #1 is top L, #2 is bottom L, #3 is top R, #4 is bottom R, etc? Each half-page layout will consist of multiple text fields and 3 graphic resources. i just don't know how to tell each to pull from a different record. Also, I figured at the very least I could add a field to the database telling it left or right but wasn't sure if there was a better option. MSC_ContestantPage_sample.pdf
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