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Changing Font or Color for part of a field.

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I have some business cards that require either a different font or a different color for a portion of a field.

For example, the email address has the name in Eurostile Bold and the domain Eurostile Regular.

I can't seem to split the email address and apply the Bold tag.

Here is the code I'm currently trying to use:

var emailarray = Field("Email Address").split("@");
return '<b>emailarray[0]</b>' + "@" + emailarray[1];

This would work in splitting the address but it doesn't work once I add the bold tag.

I've also got phone number fields where the area code needs to be in a pantone color.  I haven't tried that one yet but felt like I was going to run into the same problem.

Anyone have any ideas?

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You could try calling the actual font name on your array element:


'<f name="Eurostile Bold">emailarray[0]</f name>'

for color something like:

'<color name="PANTONE 300">'emailarray[0]</color name>

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Sorry, I just realized I wasn't super specific with the issue I'm having in the first post.

My issue is that when I use the markup tags, the result is "emailarray[0]@domain.com" instead of displaying the correct name. If I take the markup tags off, it displays everything correctly, just not in bold. I think the tag is making it so that it's not seeing the variable name correctly.


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