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Smallcap tag not working

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I'm having an issue getting the smallcap tag to work.

I am including it in a rule so that when an extension is present on a phone #, it puts in the word "EXT" in smallcaps.

However, I haven't been able to get it to work. 

Here is what I've been trying:

if (Left(phoneNum, 12)=="555-555-5555")
    return "555.555.TEXT" + '<smallcap> EXT </smallcap>'+(Right(phoneNum, 3));
    return FormatPhoneNumber(Trim(RuleOrField(PhoneVar)), delim, Format.match(/[\(\)]/), spaceAfterCloseParend);

Basically, their office number spells out their name so I'm switching the last 4 digits to text instead of numbers. (I've removed the real numbers and letters)

I don't use tagged markup a lot so I'm never sure if I'm plugging it in correctly. 

Could it be a font issue? Are there some fonts that don't want to work with that tag? I'm using DIN 2014.

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Smallcap is a way of making lowercase letters into smaller capital letters. For instance "Hello World" would keep the H and W the way they are and change "ello" and "orld" to the smaller caps. In your example "EXT" is all caps. You would need to change it to "Ext" or "ext" if you want to see the results. Also, don't forget to adjust the small caps ratio under Paragraph... Global Settings

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