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Fonts won't load in version 12.1


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Hello. I have a question I hope somebody can help me with. I can't load a font that I have used over and over in past. It won't load. I have loaded the font in Font Explorer X Pro, I have reset fonts and reloaded fonts 50 times and nothing!! I have loaded this font into Font Book, reset fonts reloaded another 50 times and nothing!! I have restarted numerous times and nothing, no font. What is the trick to loading and using fonts? This is super frustrating spending hours trying to load a simple font!! I thought it was supposed to be easier to load and use fonts in the newer version of FusionPro?? Am I doing something wrong? What is the proper way to get fonts to work??
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Sorry you're having trouble. As I always say, it's difficult to analyze font problems in the context of this forum. And we don't allow proprietary fonts to be posted here.


Your best bet is to contact Support, with as much information as possible, including:

  • the exact versions of FusionPro, Acrobat, your third-party font tools, and your operating system,
  • the relevant font file(s), and
  • your fonts.ini, fonts.err, and fonts.update.err files (from "C:\Users\Public\Documents\PTI\FusionPro\" on Windows or "/Library/Preferences/PTI/FusionPro/" on Mac).


That said, you can look in those fonts.ini, fonts.err, and fonts.update.err files for some clues about the font and how it was (or wasn't) processed by the font loader.


With FP 11, you should be able to restart Acrobat to pick up any changes to the activated fonts on your system, and this should work with third-party font utilities, though we haven't tested with every font utility out there.


It's possible that the font is showing up with a different name in FP 11 and 12 than in older versions. Versions of FusionPro to FP 11, especially on Mac, used older names, such as QuickDraw names, for some fonts. Also, in order to support all styles of a font family with lots of width and bold variations, some font families are broken up into multiples (whereas prior to FP11, many of those styles were not available at all in FusionPro).


On Mac, you can go into the Text Editor, right-click, and select Font -> Show Fonts, and that will bring up the system font palette, where you can select fonts the "Mac" way, and see all the styles in a family, and once you select a family and typeface there, the font drop-down on the Text Editor should show you the name that FusionPro has chosen for that style.

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1 hour ago, dreimer said:

Dan, I tried your trick on Mac of doing the show fonts and selecting the font I need that way, but when I compose it says the font isn't loaded and using default instead.

Sorry you're having trouble, but I can't troubleshoot this without more information.  Please send the font file to Support.

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