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Trimming Text based on character count


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I have a document that has a limited amount of space and one of the fields is an email address. I can do a copyfit, but in order to keep everything on one line, the font has to go from 9pt down to 5 on some records. (The client's domain name is stupidly long).


Is there a way to splt the email at the "@" so that when it's longer that 32 characters, it drops the "@unecessarilylongdomain.com" down to a second line?

Every record has the same domain name so is there a way to trim the right 25 characters?


This way jonathan.doe@unecessarilylongdomain.com would become



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I've used this rule which uses the width of your text box and will break the email address if it doesn't fit.



// Use TextMeasure to get the length of each email

var tm = new FusionProTextMeasure;

var frameWidth = 2.5; // set width of the text box (in inches)

tm.pointSize = "10 pt"; // set the type size

tm.font = "Calibri"; // set your typeface

var str = Field("email address"); // set the field to use


tm.useTags = false;

var tmWidth = tm.textWidth;


return (tmWidth < frameWidth*7200) ? str : str.replace("@unecessarilylongdomain.com", "<br>@unecessarilylongdomain.com");

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