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  1. I recently upgraded to FP 13.0.2 on a Mac running Monterey 12.6.2. I can create a job and compose to either my Desktop or the Server without problems initially. If I go back to the job later to make a change or just compose it again Acrobat crashes and it will not compose. I have to recreate the FP job again by importing the .def file and Acrobat FP pdf and then it composes normally. Is there a way I can avoid having to do this with every job? Thanks.
  2. I recently update to FP 13.0.2 (Creator and Server) and am using the latest version of Acrobat. My Preview Palette only shows entries 1-100 even though my data has over 15,000 entries. Is there a something I need to change?Thanks.
  3. I edited your rules a little and it seems to work. I added a "Insert Picture Rule" with the path to the pdfs and altered your page rules slightly to this: var r = Rule("Insert Picture Rule"); r.pagenumber = 1; // or 1 here return r; I've attached the revised pdf with the new rules. VD-TEST_MAILING COVER FLYER_Fc Revised.pdf
  4. Create an OnJobStart Rule FusionPro.Composition.chunksBreakStacks = true Then you can leave Infinite Stacking in effect in FP Imposer, and still set the "Output to multiple files" setting in the Composition Settings.
  5. I've used this rule which uses the width of your text box and will break the email address if it doesn't fit. // Use TextMeasure to get the length of each email var tm = new FusionProTextMeasure; var frameWidth = 2.5; // set width of the text box (in inches) tm.pointSize = "10 pt"; // set the type size tm.font = "Calibri"; // set your typeface var str = Field("email address"); // set the field to use tm.CalculateTextExtent(str); tm.useTags = false; var tmWidth = tm.textWidth; return (tmWidth < frameWidth*7200) ? str : str.replace("@unecessarilylongdomain.com", "<br>@unecessarilylongdomain.com");
  6. When I am using an External Data file and Producer I have to add it as a Resource (Plain Text File), then FusionPro can find it.
  7. I think it happens because your page geometry for the front page and back page don't match. I changed the back page size to 4.533x2.8333, like the front page, in Acrobat and set the crop box, trim, art and bleed to .415 (Set Page Boxes in the tools). It seems to impose correctly doing that. (I didn't load the fonts.)PC_Master_BC_Airtechnology TMS.pdf Ametek_Data-Output.pdf
  8. Thanks Dan, worked great.
  9. I have a table which uses external data by matching account numbers. Below the table are totals which are taken from the mailing data brought in through FusionPro (not in my table rule). I was wondering if there is a rule that would subtract an amount in a external data field from an amount in the mailing data. I've attached a sample of what I mean.FP Help.zip
  10. I downloaded your file and composed it and get the same message that you were getting. Then I opened each text frame and copied and pasted the same info without changing anything. When I composed that I didn't get the message. Don't know why.
  11. Susan

    9 of 3 Barcode

    I'm having issues creating 9 of 3 barcodes. Some are composing correctly but some are not and can't be scanned. I can't find a common link for the ones that aren't composing correctly. I've attached a small sample data file with the FP file. Entries 3, 4, 6 are bad.to FP.zip
  12. Thanks Scott. Just what I needed!
  13. I am using a rule from this site to convert 13-Oct-15 dates to October 13, 2015. It is working correctly, but when there is no data in the "GIFT_DATE" field I get this error "uncaught exception: Error in function "DateFromString": Could not convert "" to a valid date." Is there something I can add to the rule so that I don't get the error for the empty "GIFT_DATE" fields. It makes it harder to catch real errors. The rule is below: var str = Field("GIFT_DATE"); var MonthNameAbbrs = [ "jan", "feb", "mar", "apr", "may", "jun", "jul", "aug", "sep", "oct", "nov", "dec" ]; var month_name_part = 0; var parts = str.replace(/-/g,'/').split('/'); for (var i = 0; !month_name_part && i < parts.length; i++) { if (isNaN(parseInt(parts))) { for (var m = 0; m < MonthNameAbbrs.length; m++) { if (ToLower(parts).substr(0,3) == MonthNameAbbrs[m]) { parts = m + 1; month_name_part = i + i; break; } } } } if (month_name_part) { var mpart = month_name_part - 1; var mval = parts[mpart]; parts.splice(mpart, 1); parts.splice(0, 0, mval); } var date = DateFromString(parts.join('/')); return FormatDate(date, "lm d, yyyy");
  14. I recently upgraded to FP 10.1.9. I have PFImposer templates that I have been using for years and now the imposed pages have shifted to the left and bottom when I compose as a PPML. Composing to a imposed PDF usually works but that is not ideal for refining on the digital presses. Does anyone have a fix for this? Thanks.
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