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Upgrade to Producer - Inline Graphic drops out

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We just recently upgraded to FusionPro Producer. We have several jobs that use a inline graphic. with a rule such as(return '<graphic file="Mercer_Bullet.pdf"';).

Before the upgrade as long as the graphic file is in the same folder as the template these all worked fine. Now when I send the job to producer the inline graphic that is called our for drops out of the output. With using producer now is there an additional step I'm missing? Thank You

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With Producer, the job is no longer composed on the same client machine with the graphics. It's composed on a remote server.


So you'll need to do one of two things to make this work with Producer and have the remote composition find the graphics:


1. You can put the graphic files in a network location, with a UNC path, such as "\\servername\sharename\subfolder". Then, depending on whether these are resources shared by multiple jobs, you can either (1a) add that UNC path to the Search Path for each job, on the Advanced tab of the Composition Settings, or, better yet, (1b) go to the Producer server machine and add the UNC path as the Graphic Images Search Path for the queue in the FusionPro Producer Configuration app, and graphics in that folder will be found for any job submitted to that queue. You can set up different queues with different search paths (and different printer hot folders). You may need to work with your IT people to ensure that the account under which Producer jobs are run (specified in the FusionPro Producer Configuration app) has the proper read access permissions to the UNC share.




2. Add the graphics as named resources in each job, in the Resources dialog. You'll need to make sure that the "Upload graphic files to FusionPro Producer" box is checked in the Composition Settings when submitting the job to Producer. You'll also need to call the graphics out by resource name with the Resource function instead of by file name in CreateResource, or, in <graphic> tags, use the resource attribute (with the resource name) instead of the file attribute (with the file name), e.g.:

return '<graphic resource="Mercer Bullet">'

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