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Keeping left & Right alignment possible table


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I've attached screen shot of some variable text I'm having trouble on how to keep both left and right alignment. Looking at the sample there are 3 amounts on the right and 3 amounts on the left. These amounts can be as many as 6-7 characters to just 1-2. The customer wants it to align on both the left and right edges, so the dotted line is what would need to decrease or increase based on the text inserted. Even using a table for this I can see how to make that happen. Thanks

Screen Shot 2021-04-30 at 10.01.18 AM.pdf

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This is very easy to accomplish with tab stops. You don't need a full-blown table, or even a rule at all. Just click the Tabs button on the Variable Text Editor dialog, then insert a tab stop with Right alignment and "." as the leader at whatever position you need to get close to the right edge of the text frame. (You may need to check the "Apply tab stops to all paragraphs in this flow/resource" box if you haven't selected all the text to start with.) Then you can simply insert the variables in the Text Editor, hitting Tab between the values on each line.
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