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Boxes on Body page Gone when Imposed


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This is something I have noticed with FusionPro since I've started using it. When inserting Template pages onto a Body page using a rule, the frames on the body page have to be larger than the actual template page size for it to work.


For example, I'm trying to place a template page that has a background image onto the body page and the template page is 6x3.75 inches. That is also the size of the background art. The box I have to use to make it fit on the body page has to be at least 4 inches tall and 6 inches wide. It sticks off the body page in the layout because it only wants to align to the bottom of the frame on the body page. No matter what I change the alignment to for the text box, it always stays aligned to the bottom of the frame.


This has really never been an issue until now. I'm trying to impose the layouts 2 up on a 23x29.50 inch sheet and the boxes that stick off the body page do not show up on the imposed 2 UP sheet. It's like they were just clipped off the layout when the imposition ran.


It would be great if there was an explanation or fix for this because I can't figure out why I need to make the frame on the body page I am inserting a template page into so much larger than the template page size to make it work.


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FusionPro is primarily designed to typeset text, which is set onto what's called a baseline, for each line of text in a frame. And a line of text needs to account for both ascenders (like in capital letters, or lowercase 'l' or 't') and descenders (below the baseline, like in lowercase 'g' and 'y').


However, there are things that can be typeset along with, or "inline" with actual text, and these include inline graphics and repeatable components (templates). And, like capital letters with no descenders, inline graphics and templates are always set on (above) the baseline. However, even if a line of text doesn't have any descenders, the text frame still needs to be large enough to contain a line of text with descenders. That't why a text frame which contains only a repeatable component needs some extra space to contain it.


That said, you can set the replaceEmptyLine property of the FPRepeatableComponent object to true, which tells the typesetter that it doesn't need to have that extra space in order for the template to fit.


Of course, from just the picture you posted, I can't tell exactly how you're using the FPRepeatableComponent in your job (nor how your imposition is set up), but I would try setting that property and see if that helps. If not, I would need to look at the job.

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