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Multi-Line Record Input Help

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I have a job that looks like the perfect job for the multi-Line Record Input feature, but I'm unsure has how to proceed. I've attached a sample template with data and a sample output. I've create a 3 column text box for this data and defined it as a multi-Line Record. From here I'm a little lost. I know I ned to call out the FusionPro.GetMultiLineRecords(), but unsure how. Once again i know what I need to say just not how to say it it javascript. Ugh.

I need to rerun the "Check Num", "Check Date and "Check Amount" for each record. The record changes is every time the name changes.

FusionPro 11.1.2 Mac Indesign 2020 and latest Acrobat.

Thanks for the help.


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This rule should work:

var result = "";

var data = FusionPro.GetMultiLineRecords();
for (var r = 1; r <= data.recordCount; r++)
   result += "Check#: " + data.GetFieldValue(r, "Check Number") + "\n";
   result += "Check Date: " + data.GetFieldValue(r, "Check Date") + "\n";
   result += "Amount: " + data.GetFieldValue(r, "Check Amt") + "\n\n";

return result;

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