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Anyone else have any font problems since moving to ver. 11? I have a template I couldn't get to collect for Marcom on my Mac. I moved this project to me PC and everything seemed fine until I loaded in to Marcom and output a pdf. There are 2 fonts that are used both in the static background and variable text frame that when i output through Marcom come out as Ariel. I get no error message when opening the text frames in question and no error on collect. The fonts in question are loaded straight into the Windows font folder and are seen and output from Indesign with no problem. The fonts are Tisa Sans OT - Regular and Light. With the new version i'm unsure on how to resolve missing fonts. Windows 10, FusionPro 11.1.2 and latest Acrobat up to date. I've attached the collected file. Thank You


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Any composition-time font errors would be in the composition log file, the .msg file with the same name as the output file but with a .msg extension. Not the .msg file that gets generated at collect time, but the one that gets generated at composition time.
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Dan - Thanks for the reply. I've attached all the composed files and the template files with all the log files. Looking at the output log, i can see where is says font Tisa Sans OT - Light not loading, but no error for the missing Tisa Sans OT. So now I know the font is not loading, how to get it to load in Ver. 11. As always thank you so much for your help. If i can get past this hurdle and can finish this job.


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