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Help with table formatting

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I am working on a table and am new to formatting and alignment etc. What I would like to do is format my date (MM/dd/yyyy), amounts (add $) and keep the first 2 column left aligned but right align the last 3 columns. Any help would be appreciated!


var table = new FPTable();



var data = FusionPro.GetMultiLineRecords();


for (var rec = 1; rec <= data.recordCount; rec++) {

function ExField(str) { return '<p br=false linespacing=0.8>' + TaggedTextFromRaw(data.GetFieldValue(rec, str)); }


var content = ["Trx_Date_From","Description","ApprovedAmt", "Payments","Balance"].map(ExField);

var row = table.AddRow();

var [cell] = row.Cells;


cell.Margins = { 'Top': 1, 'Bottom': 1, 'Left': 0, 'Right': 0 };

cell.VAlign = 'Bottom';


row.CopyCells(0, 1, 2, 3, 4);

row.minHeight = 15 * 100; // 15 pt row height.

row.SetContents.apply(row, content);



return table.MakeTags();

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First, if you're using FusionPro 11.1, then you can make this table, formatting and all, without writing a single line of JavaScript.


In older versions, you can just break out that call to row.SetContents() with multiple parameters, just like in this post:



In your case, I don't have your data, so I can't validate the code, but I think you want to do this:

   FormatDate(ExField("Trx_Date_From"), "MM/dd/yyyy"),
   "$" + ExField("ApprovedAmt"),
   "$" + ExField("Payments"),
   "$" + ExField("Balance")

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