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ADA Compliance


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I'm not even sure as to where to place this so I'm just starting here.


One of our "Bank" clients is asking us about making/converting pdf documents so that they meet ADA Compliant regulations. (In layman's terms - pdf files that can be read by other software packages for people who are either blind or have other visual/mental reading disabilities).


I understand that this is something that can be done natively within Acrobat (both the test for compliance and the corrections if necessary) on a specific static pdf document. However I would like to know if I create a base pdf document that is ADA Compliant and then make that document a variable template within FusionPro will the resulting output document(s) from FusionPro also retain those ADA Compliance tags and settings throughout the stream of output pages? If not is this anything that is currently in the works (or even just somewhere on someone's mental drawing-board) to be able to maintain such tags or even possibly create variable tags for any output strings?


Our client states that they are being "forced" to make everything compliant by the year 2022. If they are being forced I'm wondering if others will be as well in the coming months/years.


Does anyone in the forum have any ideas on this or currently use any services that convert pdf documents into ADA Compliant documents? Any resource contact or help would be appreciated.


Thank you.


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We’re pleased to announce that FusionPro version 11.0.9 adds support for accessibility tags. Any tags that are part of the PDF background are retained in the composed PDF output. In addition, any variable content of the document is added as tagged content in the output. The static background content and variable content are interwoven in their reading order such that if variable text falls on the page between two paragraphs of static text the content is read in the order expected, from top to bottom, left to right.


The tags are only supported in PDF output and only for single record output. It is not expected that accessibility tags are needed for VDP output jobs of multiple records.


The tags, if present in an InDesign document, are exported in the background PDF document (if the PDF preset used in export has the export tags option set).


To turn on the tag output, there is a new checkbox on the composition options dialog box.


Version 11.0.9 is due to be released in January 2020 and is a free upgrade to any customer currently running version 11.x or currently under paid support.

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Dan, this is great news.


When you say single record output, does this mean we cannot use producer/server to output chunked files as 1 record per pdf, and retain the tags? Two of our clients have us output their mailing in this manner so they can post them on their website for each of their client's logins. Just checking with you so we will know how to tell them about this new functionality. Each job is about 3,000 records. So one at a time would be a bit prohibitive. But i still like the option, we could always ask for specific people that would need accessibility options and just do those individually.

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When you say single record output, does this mean we cannot use producer/server to output chunked files as 1 record per pdf, and retain the tags?

No, sorry, let me clarify. If you chunk the output to one record per file, then tags will be retained. It's only in the case where an output file has more than one record of data that tags are not retained.

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