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Runaround/Clipping Paths in Images


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Good Morning,


Can I use clipping paths embedded in my images (TIFF) for runaround/text offset in FusionPro?

I have a block of text I want to offset based on the clipping path in the image (you know, just like runaround in Quark, ID, etc.), and have the image swapped out based on a database entry (so the clipping path the text will have to follow is variable as well, but will be included in the graphic resource). Or can it only do square boxes at this point?



- Mac

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Try this:

Open the EPS file in Photoshop and highlight the Clipping Path with the Magic Wand.

Next, select Help > Export Transparent Image and chose the "I Have Selected The Area To Be Transparent" option

In the next step, select that the image will be used for "Print"

Then save the file as a Photoshop EPS file (I think that this was the only format this works)

In the EPS options, select the Preview to be TIFF 8 bits/pixel and the Encoding to be ASCII85.

Leave the other options blank and then you're finished.

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