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Where are these 1,076 fonts that keep getting put in the "/Library/Preferences/PTI/FusionPro" folder coming from??? It take my machine 5 minutes to load fonts all the time. I have no fonts activated in my UTC client. These seem to come from Fusion Pro itself. I delete them out then go and load fonts in Fusion Pro and there they are again in this folder?
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You would probably benefit greatly by upgrading to FusionPro 11, where the entire way that fonts are managed by FusionPro has changed, especially on Mac. Notably, there's no more "font load" step required, and fonts are only "loaded" when actually used. Also, some of the older 32-bit APIs that we were using in FP 10 had limitations in terms of both the total number of fonts that could be loaded, and the ability to detect when fonts are activated and deactivated by third-party font utilities.
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