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Increment an issue number in a File name

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I am trying to edit an if/else rule and I want to find the best way to increment or search for a file name based off of another data field. Example below.



We have a cover image for a magazine called SH_M097_COVER5_001.pdf. The actual number of the issue is 6. It's a long story. I'm trying to find a way to say this below:



if (Field("CoverTemplate") =="FC-NP001";

return SH_M097_COVER5_001.pdf




But this would have the issue number plus 91, so the 097 would be the only part of that file name that changes in the logic. I'm sure there is a regex or a way to increment that number, I'm just not sure how to tackle it. I'm trying to solve a problem by using a file name that exists.

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