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Grab input file modified date


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Does anyone know how to grab the OS timestamp for an input file? We have a library of input files that are regularly updated and need to add the file timestamp to the output pdf.


All the research I've done shows how to do this on a browser. I also didn't find any built-in Resource functions that could help with this.

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I don't think there's a way to do this, at least not with Creator. Generally, the underlying OS and its file system are not query-able in a JavaScript rule, except for searching for the existence of a particular file. This is largely by design, mainly for security reasons, as FusionPro jobs can obviously be run on third-party systems, such as the servers on MarcomCentral, and we don't want client scripts to be able to "poke around" on those machines. However, if you have your own FP Server-based solution, with your own custom application invoking FusionPro compositions via the Server API, then your application can do any file system or database operations it needs to do and feed any information it wants to FusionPro.
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