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Memory allocation or assigning memory


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First off, my system.

Microsoft Windows XP


Version 2002

Service Pack 3


Intel Pentium

4 CPU 2.26GHz, 2.00 GB of Ram


Is there a way to allocate more memory to Acrobat without messing my system up? Also, is there a way to use a 4GB USB Corsair Mini Voyager, to be dedicated to program such as Fusion Pro/Acrobat?


Any advice is greatly appreciated!


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Most modern multitasking operating systems, and all the ones currently supported by FusionPro Desktop, utilize virtual memory, so it's not meaningful to talk about "allocating" more memory to a particular application.



That said, some operations in FP Desktop may be memory-intensive. You don't really say exactly what problem you're trying to solve, but if, for example, you're trying to read in a data file with thousands of records, that will use up a lot of memory and could result in thrashing, where the computer spends time shuffling blocks of virtual memory between real memory and disks. One solution is to install more RAM on your system. But another is to avoid excessively memory-intensive operations. So if you have a large data file, you might want to break it up into a smaller size for use when developing your templates in FP Desktop. If you're composing really big jobs like this, you may want to look into using FusionPro Server, which runs as a standalone application and does not have to share memory with Acrobat.


I'm not sure what you mean by "dedicating" a USB flash drive to Acrobat. Generally, only your main system (boot) hard drive will be used for virtual memory swap space, so adding extra hard drive or flash storage will not have any effect on memory. Again, installing more RAM will help, but that's a different kind of memory. That said, you may be able to adjust the virtual memory settings in Windows XP.

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