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Special Characters Copyright, Registered Trademark and Trademark


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Good Morning!


I have a javascript rule to replace the above characters & superscript them.


var s = Field("Name");
return s.replace(/(™|®|©)/g,'<superscript>$1</superscript>');


It is not working. Will you let me know how the marks should be entered in the database?




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Please be more specific than "It is not working."


What does your data look like? If it already has the symbols in it, then you can look for those directly:

return Field("Name").replace(/(™|®|©)/g,'<superscript>$1</superscript>');

Though the trademark symbol is usually already superscripted in most fonts, so really just this:

return Field("Name").replace(/(®|©)/g,'<superscript>$1</superscript>');

If it's a job that will be run in MarcomCentral or a similar system, where it may use flat-file (delimited) text data for local compositions but tagged markup data for online compositions, you can do this:

return TaggedDataField("Name").replace(/(®|©)/g,'<superscript>$1</superscript>');

Make sure to check the "Treat returned strings as tagged text" box.

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Have a similar issue that I need a little help on. 

Data is " CFP®, ChFC®, CPWA®, CEPA®, AAMS(TM)"

I need to replace the "(TM)" with just a superscript "TM". 

return Field("Designation").replace,(/(TM)/g,'<superscript>TM</superscript>');

This returns the TM in superscript but the ( ) remain. How do I get rid of those? 

Thanks in advance. 

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You're using a regular expression to do the replacement there in your script. The () aren't treated as literal characters in case, they split up segments into groups.

You can escape them so they are treated as characters like this:

return Field("Designation").replace(/\(TM\)/g,'<superscript>TM</superscript>');

But a better solution would be to just use a simple string replacement:

return Field("Designation").replace("(TM)",'<superscript>TM</superscript>');

Or better yet use the actual TM entity:

return Field("Designation").replace("(TM)", "&trade;");


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