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  1. Hi All! We have 60 formatted text resources in a business card template. The customer has decided they want to change everything to all caps now. We tried updating our rule to include case but it didn't work. if (Field("Location")=="La Praire") return '<allcaps>'+Resource("La Praire")+'</allcaps>' Is it possible to incorporate changing the case in our address rule that returns the resource or do we have to update every text resource? I appreciate any help. Traba
  2. All, I updated my rule to if (Field("Phone 1") != "" && Field("Phone 2") != "") return '<f name="Gotham Bold">Field("Phone 1 Tag")</f>'+' '+Rule("Rule_FormatPhone")+' '+'<color name="c0m36y100k8">|</color>'+' '+'<f name="Gotham Bold">Field("Phone 2 Tag")</f>'+' '+Rule("Rule_FormatPhone2"); else if (Field("Phone 1") != "" && Field("Phone 2") == "") return '<f name="Gotham Bold">Field("Phone 1 Tag")</f>'+' '+Rule("Rule_FormatPhone"); else if (Field("Phone 1") == "" && Field("Phone 2") != "") return '<f name="Gotham Bold">Field("Phone 2 Tag")</f>'+' '+Rule("Rule_FormatPhone2"); else if (Field("Phone 1") == "" && Field("Phone 2") == "") return ""; And am getting the bold font & color changes. However, I've lost the space after the divider when 2 numbers are used and it is not showing the tag. It's returning: Field("Phone 1 Tag") (404) 213-8360 |Field("Phone 2 Tag") (404) 941-2631 with bold tags & yellow |. And missing the space between the | and phone 2 tag. Any ideas?
  3. All, I need help. I have a customer that can add up to 2 phone numbers on a business card. The field tags vary. They need to bold the two phone tag fields and change the color for the divider between the 2 numbers if both are used. I have Treat as Tagged Text selected. I have tried both <b></b> and <f name=""></f> My rule current rule is if (Field("Phone 1") != "" && Field("Phone 2") != "") return <f name="Gotham Bold">Field("Phone 1 Tag")</f>+' '+Rule("Rule_FormatPhone")+' '+<color name="c0m36y100k8">|</color>+' '+<f name="Gotham Bold">Field("Phone 2 Tag")</f>+' '+Rule("Rule_FormatPhone2"); else if (Field("Phone 1") != "" && Field("Phone 2") == "") return <f name="Gotham Bold">Field("Phone 1 Tag")</f>+' '+Rule("Rule_FormatPhone"); else if (Field("Phone 1") == "" && Field("Phone 2") != "") return <f name="Gotham Bold">Field("Phone 2 Tag")</f>+' '+Rule("Rule_FormatPhone2"); else if (Field("Phone 1") == "" && Field("Phone 2") == "") return ""; When I check fonts used under advanced, I see Gotham Book and Gotham Bold I also see this in the text frame. The color name for the color I want to use is c0m36y100k8. I see this in both the text frame color drop down as well as colors under advanced. My phone format rules are formatting the numbers as (000) 000-0000. I'm not getting any errors on compose, but it is returning the following: Field("Phone 1 Tag") (404) 213-8360 | Field("Phone 2 Tag") (404) 941-2631 The whole line is black and there is no bold. I appreciate any of the help I can get. Thanks, Traba
  4. I have a rule that looks at 2 fields to determine what to return. I'm getting a Javascript syntax error message on the following rule and for the life of me, I do not see it. if ((Rule("RuleEmailFirstName") != "") && Rule("RuleEmailLastName") != "")) return Rule("RuleEmailFirstName") + "." + Rule("RuleEmailLastName") + "@" + Field("Email Domain"); else if ((Rule("RuleEmailFirstName") != "") && (Rule("RuleEmailLastName") == "")) return Rule("RuleEmailFirstName") + "@" + Field("Email Domain"); else if ((Rule("RuleEmailFirstName") == "") && (Rule("RuleEmailLastName") != "")) return Rule("RuleEmailLastName") + "@" + Field("Email Domain"); else return ""; Will someone please help me and point out what I'm doing wrong?
  5. Good Morning! I have a javascript rule to replace the above characters & superscript them. var s = Field("Name"); return s.replace(/(™|®|©)/g,'<superscript>$1</superscript>'); It is not working. Will you let me know how the marks should be entered in the database? Thanks, Traba
  6. Please help! I'm stuck again. One of our clients has the ability to select up to 6 logos for the footer on a flyer. The logos need to be centered in the footer, so i can't have multiple image boxes. I need to place all images in 1 image box and have it center aligned. I keep getting This graphic rule must return a Resource type of graphic or no error and no logos populating. I've attached sample data. Thanks so much to anyone that can help! Traba SiteOne_flyer_v5.txt
  7. Our digital press sheets are 12x18". I have an 11x8.5" document that is 8-pages. I need to saddle stitch it on the top (11") like a calendar on the 12x18" sheet. When I use FusionPro Imposer and select Saddle Stitched layout, it always says layout does not fit page no matter what I do. I did try to rotate the pages in Acrobat in the template CCW 90 to make the document 8.5x11". During rotation, I received a FusionPro message and tried using Yes and No with the same imposition results. (see Acrobat-Rotate-Pages-FP-Message.jpg) The output was always bad. *The pages overlapped each other in the output. I attached a sample output. (see PRM_brochure_r4-ss.pdf) PRM_brochure_r4-ss.pdf. I had an 11x8.5" 4-page document that imposed the same way and was able to use Single Gate Head-to-Head. (see WhyBrochure-sg-h2h-4pg.pdf) WhyBrochure-sg-h2h-4pg.pdf *This is the correct output format I need. I tried to modify that imposition for 8-pages but the imposition didn't match the pages up correctly. (see SG-H2H-8pg-Impo-Output.pdf for page match-up) SG-H2H-8pg-Impo-Output.pdf. (see PRM_brochure_r3-singlegate8.pdf for composed output) PRM_brochure_r3-singlegate8.pdf I found a previous post http://forums.pti.com/showthread.php?t=4485 with the same issue but I didn't see a resolution. Will someone please help? Is there a way to use Saddle Stitch layout with an 11x8.5" and stitch on top? Is there a way to use Single Gate Head-to-Head for 8-pages and have it match pages correctly? Is there another layout I can use? Since rotating the template pages in Acrobat didn't work, is there a way to do this with a rule so regular saddle stitch impo works? As always, I appreciate everyone's assistance. Thanks, Traba
  8. Thanks so much! That worked perfectly. I have one more question about this. They have 5 bullets (some are one line & some are two lines) that flow between 2 text boxes that are linked. Right now, I have the 5 bullet rules (like the one you helped me with) and I placed them in box 1 using the text frame settings box. Is there are way to setup the rule so that if there is an even number of bullets it distributes them evenly between the text frames?
  9. Stephen, This goes along with my last post. I have 2 more questions, so 3 in total: 1.) Size the bullet image 2.) Add space between the bullet & text 3.) Indent line 2 when it wraps I've trying everything in the Tags reference manual but can't get them formatted correctly. Thanks, Traba
  10. Thanks to both of you! The updated code you provided did work (I already had a resource named Bullet-Red), so i used that. Now I have 1 more question. The bullet is too big. Is there a way I can scale it or give it a set size? Let me know. Thanks! Traba
  11. I'm creating a template for a customer that allows users to select up to 5 bullets. Based upon the number of bullets they flow to the next frame. I have that working. In addition to the above, they want to use an image as a bullet. (see attached bullet)Bullet-Red-c12m100y99k3.pdf I'm using the following rule: if (Field("Bullet 1") != "") return "<graphic file=Bullet-Red-c12m100y99k3.pdf>"+ Field("Bullet 1"); else return "" When I test the rule it shows that it is returning the graphic + the text. When I apply the rule it is only showing the text. I deselected return as tagged text & it placed the following in the text box: <graphic file=Bullet-Red-c12m100y99k3.pdf>Bullet Copy. I know that I can use graphic boxes for the bullets & text boxes for the copy (and align them), but some bullets are 1 line & some are 2 lines so the spacing between them will not be uniform. This is why I'm trying to use inline graphic. Also, on 2 line bullets, the bullet needs to display on line 1. I've also attached a PDF showing how the bullets should display. PrintAd-4x4-r1.pdf I hope someone can help me today.
  12. I'm working on a business card that has 1 street address field. I need to change the case to uppercase & superscript the street name when it is a number. Ex: North 44th Street should change to NORTH 44TH STREET and the th in 44th needs to superscript. Is there a way to do this with javascript or is my only option to create formatted text resources?
  13. Please help. I'm programming a letter and am having issues with bullets & indents. I've setup & tested multiple options and finally decided to stop & search the forum. I found a thread from Apr 2011 by strido with the same issue but that solution didn't indent the bullets (only the copy after the bullets). I have tab setup as every .167" left margin absolute and left indent 12pt. I've tabbed to start the bullet and placed a tab after the bullet. The wrapped lines are still lining up with the bullet rather than the text. I've attached the composed file, so you can see the current output. I'd appreciate all help. Thanks, Traba bullets-Output.pdf
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