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How to reduce File Size?


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I publish a monthly magazine. These magazines are typically about 36 full color pages in length. The circulation is about 8,000. I want to use FP to put the mailing address on the top sheet (cover) of the magazine. The cover is the only page that will contain variable information. The rest of the magazine remains static.


The question is, what is the most efficient way to create the document?


If I generate the entire document 8000 times, the document becomes 288,000 pages in size. This document takes a really long time to RIP. In actuality, there are only 8000 cover pages that vary. Does anyone have a best practice method to generate the document to keep its size manageable? I have used PPML as an output protocol, but the document still really takes a long time to process. Please advise. Thanks

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How your PDF was created can help too. High Quality Print type PDFs are really optimized for digitally printing everything (artwork & text).


If PPML is slow, then your PDF or PDF/VT options will not be any better.


Maybe chunking your print runs to 250/500/750/1000 sets each may help also.

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