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Using Fusion as portal to Imposer


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I have a project that has 1000 page PDF. I simply want to have the pages go to FP Imposer from Fusion Pro. Still learning so please be kind if this is a silly question :-) So basically there is a front and back for each piece within the PDF document. Do I make a new document that is 2 pages with a graphic rule on each page? I just want it to go front back, front back etc... no variable involved at all. Just simply want to se Fusion as a "window" to get to FP Imposer.
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Yes I have, I seen the very thread you pointed me to. But it does not make sense to me. I have no variable data. In the example there is text file, pdf files etc... Just very confused on what should be a straight forward issue. I am new and trying to make sense of why all this code is needed.
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Anybody? I need help please.

This is a user community. There's no guarantee that anyone will respond; that expectation is appropriate for Support.


Anyway, yes, you would start out with a new document that has 2 pages, with a graphic rule on each page. Then you want to do something similar to this thread:



But instead of overflow pages, you want to use pairs of pages, without overflowing, and set the record repeat to the number of pages in the resource PDF divided by 2 (rounded up).


Attached is an example template. You'll need to change the path and name of the file in the first name of the rule. (You could read the PDF file name from a data file.)


This is a fairly trivial use of FusionPro, though. I'm pretty sure that most RIPs can do this kind of imposition-only output for you.


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If you are doing just one copy of each two pager (Front and Back) not varying quantities, you could try using the following rule in OnJobStart callback.


FusionPro.Composition.impositionSheetBackgroundFrontPage = "Imposition";
FusionPro.Composition.impositionSheetBackgroundBackPage = "Imposition";


Just add your Template page named "Imposition" at the end of your 1000 page PDF and set your datasource to none and apply your imposition (fpi) file on composition. I do this all the time.


I should add, that I do this when doing multiple-up of each set. But should work if you are doing just a one-up imposition say 17X11 on a 19X13 sheet for example.

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Don, this is not working for me. Is there more to the script? I just type that into a callback rule? Sorry, still learning. What would be the exact script? My issue is I have a 700 page pdf. No data, just simply want to step up in Imposer. 1 page of the pdf stepped up 30 times, then page 2 of the pdf stepped up 30 times, etc... Thank you for your help
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