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Bullets and Indenting multiple lines

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Please help. I'm programming a letter and am having issues with bullets & indents. I've setup & tested multiple options and finally decided to stop & search the forum. I found a thread from Apr 2011 by strido with the same issue but that solution didn't indent the bullets (only the copy after the bullets).


I have tab setup as every .167" left margin absolute and left indent 12pt. I've tabbed to start the bullet and placed a tab after the bullet. The wrapped lines are still lining up with the bullet rather than the text.


I've attached the composed file, so you can see the current output.


I'd appreciate all help.





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if you go into your text box and click paragraph settings, you will have to play with 1st line indent and left indent. 1st line indent is less than left indent....set your left indent to the distance of where your tab is going to be so when a line wraps it aligns up.


What I usually do is type something up in word and format it like so, then paste it into the text box, then checking paragraph settings to see how I can mimic the looks.

Pages from OUTPUT TEST.pdf

Pages from OUTPUT TEST-composed.pdf

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You can make a separate bullet paragraph box and place with appropriate spacing. In the example three bullet rules were put in same box and aligned.

In hindsight not sure why I did it that way but got results.

return '<p tabstops="0;1250,Left,,;" lindent=1250>' + "•" + '<t>' + "Pope Francis’s visit in September touched America’s heart and influenced congressional leaders. ...." 

the code above was from eslewhere in the forum.

attached example project were paragraphs were put together.


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