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Variable Text Editor Option Magnification


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According to the user guide I should see this (magnification percentage) in the lower left of the editor window. I'll I have are the color squares to change the background color behind the text in the editor window and no option to change the view magnification. What am I missing?


OS X Yosemite 10.10.5

Acrobat Build: 15.10.20060.174425

FusionPro VDP Creator 9.3.26

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I saw this somewhere the other day.....it's a Window's feature and not an OS X feature. I believe you hold CONTROL key and scroll up to increase and scroll down to decrease the view in text editor.
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Well that is what I was suspecting, but that is not mentioned in the user guide. I just tried the key command you suggested and unless I have to disable some system key commands that isn't it (control + down arrow key). Sucks as I could use this feature all the time.
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I don't believe Tou was suggesting a key command but rather holding the Control key while scrolling up/down using your mouse wheel. You may need to enable those settings in System Preferences > Mouse/Trackpad. If you're interested in a key command you can set that up in Yosemite by tweaking some Accessibility settings.


One trick I've found useful is to select all of the text in the text editor (cmd + A) and bump the font size up to around 12pt or so. This allows me to read/edit the text pretty clearly without having to zoom in at all. Then when everything is typeset as desired, select all the text (cmd + A) and shrink the text back down to the 6pt "fine print" size it will print at. I'm pretty sure this works on Windows as well. Someone else would have to confirm though.

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